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Cedarhurst Changes

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What's going on in Cedarhurst? Ruthie's is for sale and Schwartz's Appetizing is moving into Gourmet Glatt. Are there any other changes occuring (closings or openings)?

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  1. Hopefully Grill Point will be opening. I just called the Queens location and they said "soon" - problem is that in December when I called they said "soon" too. Come to think of it, Grill Point would do better if they were at Ruthie's location.

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      Grillpoint will do fine in its present location (if it opens). A place like Smokey Joe's would do really well in Ruthie's location.

    2. I heard Occassions is opening as a dairy restaurant

      1. There's also a kosher counter with pizza, fries, etc opening soon inside the bowling alley in Woodmere (in addition to the treif place that's already there, not instead).

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          Please keep us posted when it opens.

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            Smokey Joe's would be nice. Perhaps an Indian restaurant or a better Mexican place in the 5 towns. I think we have enough Israeli, pizza , and sushi options.

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              Why does Cedarhurst need another dairy restaurant (Occasions). I would like to see a restaurant like Abigael's in Cedarhurst again.

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                There are many meat places in the 5 Towns already (I count at least 15, 16 if you include Off the Grill) already. Excluding pizza/bagel places there are not many dairy places around. I would like a dairy restaurant that is open for breakfast as well - a good hearty breakfast special with toasted rye and home fries.

                In Woodmere there is an excellent place called Bistro Grill French Steakhouse, a few minute ride from Cedarhurst with plenty of free parkng in back.

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                  Yes, the 5 Towns can use a GOOD dairy restaurant, and I'm not even a dairy type of guy