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Feb 13, 2008 01:52 PM

Victory Park - Dallas?

Going to the Mavs game and my sister and I want to grab a bite and a drink before the game somewhere in Victory Park. We looked at the review of Victory Tavern and the food only got 1 star...anyone have any other recommendations that are A) relatively quick, and B) without spending a ton of $? Thanks!

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  1. Texasgirl,

    If you go early (when it is still daylight) you can go to Fuel City on Industrial for the tacos and choose whatever beer that you might like with the tacos. Other than that you are pretty much nil on the lower end of the money scale at Victory Park. They have to pay inflated rents so they pass it along to the customers. Luna De Noche has moved in but I doubt it would be quick, N9NE Steakhouse would be expensive, Craft Restaurant expensive and not quick, Kenichi Sushi expensive and not quick, Nove...the same. Maybe Pacuigo??? I would try somewhere along McKinney Ave, State-Thomas District or West Village that fits your price range and time constraints.

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    1. re: soulslinger

      i agree with the Fuel City tacos. i used to live in the Cedars area and I am now in New England. I have to say when I read your rec. on the tacos I got very homesick. So good!

    2. What about Cafe Rembrandt? Havn't been but remember reading some nice things about it. Sounds friendly & affordable compoared to others near by.

      1. A taco place just opened this week so would probably be great. I forget the name, but it is just to the right of the entrance of AA.

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              I love kenichi, and went before a mavs game last week. They have a new "game night menu." It's $35/person and the choices weren't bad with miso, a roll then some entree choices. It was pretty quick and the price is great for VP

        1. Try the Moroccan food at Medina. Very small space so go early but the food is delicious.

            1. re: BluffViewChound

              While not open as of yet, I think the Love Shack (Tim Love's burger joint) which will open at the beginning of April might help fill the void of quick/reasonably priced eats in the area.