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Feb 13, 2008 01:40 PM

Are there Lobster rolls without Mayo?

Or would that not be a real lobster roll. I love lobster but hate mayo and come to the east coast often, but never can eat the lobster rolls.

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  1. CT style lobster rolls are served hot with melted butter instead of mayo. Neptune Oyster in Boston has very good (and pricy) version.

      1. re: treb

        Red's, the American credo: newness is goodness, but bigness is better! But yes, they are wicked good. But the question is about mayo. A good alternative is skip the mayo (sacrilege) and get a good squirt of fresh lemon or lime juice, with, of course, a healthy layer of butter underneath. It's all about lobster isn't it? And the customer(you) is always right. Have some good lobber munchin'.

        1. re: Passadumkeg

          But of course, 'everything is better with butter', especially those american toasted buns! At times, I do crave a smear of good mayo, I mean afterall, there is nothing low cal or non-artery clogging about a LR. Oh, and no celery, too healthy!

          1. re: treb

            Don't get me wrong. I love mayo. Make our own w/ fresh lime juice. Yum!

      2. Are there lobster rolls without mayo?

        Yes, there are. But we don't tell outta-statas where t'get 'em! ;-)

        Seriously, the aforementioned Red's Eats in Wiscasset, Maine, is the very best in my opinion.

        Also, lobster pounds and clam shacks anywhere along the coast almost always have lobster rolls. Many of these are lobster-with-mayo rolls but, if there's not a line of customers out the door, ask if they'll do you one with just butter. Nothing like it!

        I've never heard the term "Connecticut-style" before. Plain lobster with melted butter is the way I always got my lobster rolls when I lived in Maine.

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        1. re: mmmpointy

          I googled Red's and found some insanely delicious looking pictures and reviews about their lobster rolls with butter. I guess some people get one lobster roll and extra buns, then split the one roll two or three ways. I'm drooling over the pics. Who needs mayo???

          1. re: porky pine

            Where is Wicasset Maine, please? Reds specifically??

            1. re: phelana

              Wiscasset Maine is an an area of Maine called "Mid-Coast" Maine. go to portland maine, get on 295 and follow north towards canada. get off a Rt. 1 towards Brunswick, Bath. take Rt. 1 all the way north to Wiscasset. Red's Eats is right on Rt. 1 in Wiscasset- you can't miss it- look for the line down the street. right before it on Rt. 1 is Sea Basket, which also has a spectacular lobster roll. at most maine places you can order no mayo (clear meat) or some mayo to mix in. but a Red's Eats lobster roll needs no mayo- it barely needs butter- or teeth for that matter- you can gum it it's so juicy and delicious... i've eaten 3 at a sitting... enjoy fb

            2. re: porky pine

              Oh Yah, there good... real good. Also, it's worth, so worth the drive.

            3. re: mmmpointy

              They are called "Connecticut style" because the hot lobster-with-melted-butter roll was first served at a place in Milford, Conn. called Perry's back in the late 1930s. Until then, all lobster rolls in New England were the "lobster salad" type with mayonnaise. Obviously, the Connecticut version has moved out of state, but it did begin here.

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                  Across the street from Red's in Wiscasset is Spragues Lobster. They also do a great lobster roll (considering the competition they have to) and they'' do it with the mayo or without with butter, just specify when ordering. Added bonuses, parking and more tables.

                2. Anywhere in CT we do rolls on a toasted, split top roll, served warm with buter. Where will you be?

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                    I go to Ossining NY every summer. My girlfriend has friends we visit in Greenwich and sometimes we head to Mystic. I've never had a lobster roll because I've just assumed they all had mayonnaise.

                  2. Best (well in my opinion anyway) in CT are at Denmo's in Southbury. A little roadside stand but the food is incredible. No mayo on their lobster rolls (the crab cake sandwich and fried scallops are tops too). I'm sure there are some close to RI and the shore that may give it a run for its money, but for western CT you can't beat it.

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                    1. re: HunterJay

                      The Dry Dock in Portland's Old Port serves delicious lobster rolls with the mayo on the side.