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Feb 13, 2008 01:34 PM

Galveston - The Original Mexican Cafe

We generally ride bicycles around the island on any pretty Sunday afternoon and this past weekend we decided to have some lunch beforehand. My friend suggested the Original Mexican Cafe which I have avoided for quite some time since previous visits did not impress me at all. He encouraged me to give it another chance and said the food had improved. I agreed to give it a shot.

Of course like most places in our area decent Tex-Mex is not that difficult to find in Galveston and one can usually expect the same menu items. On a positive note the Original did offer some variety not usually found. I selected pork enchiladas in a bean sauce and my friend one of their variety platters that had all of the Tex-Mex favorites, even the obligatory queso puff which I find to be an odd little favorite of many.

My pork enchilada were very good. Amply filled with diced pork that appeared to have been pan fried, and just right, not overdone as many tend to do with pork. The white corn tortillas tasted very fresh and I must say the bean sauce was very, very good. A nice change from a traditional enchilada gravy. While having a similar texture to refried beans the sauce was a little thinner and had some spices and what appeared to be diced pepper not found in refried beans. interestingly the plate was still served with rice and beans. I think they could have served with rice only which would be fine given the bean sauce.

My friends platter was good and more than enough food. One of the Tex-Mex platters that is served with a cold plate and the hot plate. The one thing that was not good was his tamale. I love tamales and we both agreed that it should have been left off the plate. It actually had a burned taste to it, like maybe when it was steamed the bottom of the pan scorched. The rest of his platter would compare to most Tex-Mex. Chips and table salsa were also very good and fresh.

After avoiding for a long time I now want to return to try some of their other menu items.

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  1. My husband loves this place. I've always thought it was OK, nothing special. I'm allergic to guacamole, so I don't know, but he thinks theirs is very good.

    1. I go to Galveston often and do really like the Original. I love Mexican breakfasts, so their migas are most often my choice, tho' I have tried the pork enchilada. Like it a lot, also. Their salsa is very good, at least the last time I was there. Off subject, my cousin recommended a place just up the road called Sunflower, where we ate last summer and it was terrific. Not Mexican, but I had a dandy grilled snapper filet with poached eggs and hollandaise on top. Really a tasty choice. They bake lots of breads and other breakfast choices there. You hounds that live nearby should give it a try. They were open on Sunday morning, which was a + for us!