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Feb 13, 2008 01:15 PM


Lost previous post seeking info on good chow between St. Louis and Carbondale.Going to an event at SIU. BBQ,pork tederloin and real home chow. Pls help.Many thanks!

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  1. The BBQ place in Murphysboro is yummy, but expect to wait, and I remember that the Giant City Lodge in Makanda has a great sunday lunch family style lunch and I believe they serve food all the time, other than that the place has changed so much -- and eat a bagel for me....

      1. In my previous posts, I completely forgot a place you don't want to miss. The Midland Inn between C'Dale and Murphysboro has top notch Q and Mexican cuisine. Some locals tout it as being better than 17th Street. I think it is a toss up. It is a very fun place and the service is great!
        Midland Inn
        7570 Murphysboro Rd, Murphysboro, IL
        Tel: (618) 529-9133

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          I completely forgot about Midland --- it used to be very good....I am not sure if it is as good as 17th Street -- but it is good. There used to be a great mexican place called Tres Hombres, and it was really good, and they served a great margarita and phenom black bean and chorizo burrito....

        2. Hope this isn't too late, but I want to reiterate the post about Giant City Lodge. It has the best family-style home cooking of anywhere around. I live in St Louis but make the trip down there at least once a year.

          If you want a great deli - Booby's near campus is great as well.