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Feb 13, 2008 12:51 PM

Fresh Fish Market in Sunnyside?

Hi. Where do Sunnysiders go for fish? The fish at the Associated on Greenpoint looks decent, and I have heard okay things about the place on 42nd right off Greenpoint. Obviously the place on Q Blvd that used to have the sign that said "we always changing fresh water now" would be out of the question.

Sorry if this query has been posted searches did not come up with much.


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  1. i actually always buy my fish from the place on qb that now changes their water. their tuna is frozen (which makes it less expensive), but that is my only complaint. Buy soft shells from them all season (they clean for you), oysters, lobster, etc. The woman is cranky (even after going to her for 6 years), but I really like it there.

    1. There is a Chinese market on Roosevelt Avenue and 57th Street, named Long Cheng. They have a good selection of seafood and live fish too.

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