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Dec 17, 2001 01:32 AM

Holiday Tamales

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Any suggestions where I can purchase a large quantity of tamales to serve Xmas Eve? I'm very familiar with Corn Maiden. How do Tamara's compare in taste, variety and price? I read J. Gold's review of Juanitos -- how do they compare with the above? Any other thoughts?

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  1. We got some good tamales ( many varieties including vegetarian) at a stand at the Beverley Hills Farmers Market. Sorry can't remember the name of the vendor.

    1. Sandra & Lolita's on Whittier Blvd. in East Los Angeles is the place to be. There's a long line out the door just about every morning.

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        Word of warning re: Juanito's, they get really busy this time of year, and if you don't have your holiday order in already, they might not sell any to you. They can be the tamale version of the Soup Nazi. But if you can get some, they make delicious red tamales.

        1. an earlier posting mentioned the Corn Maiden as a place to get holiday tamales, can anyone provide the location of this establishment?