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Romantic Valentines Dinner

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I'm going to dinner with my boyfriend for vday but not on vday, probably this coming sunday. I have narrowed down my choices from the recommendations I got, i just need to choose:
Fleur de Sel
Gramercy Tavern

I am open to other suggestions, and am interested in tasting menus.


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  1. If you are going on Sunday, you can immediately eliminate ViceVersa because it's closed on Sundays.

    Fleur de Sel is one of our favorites. We recently had the 6-course tasting dinner, and it was superb! Excellent wine list, professional service, and lovely ambiance. I highly recommend it!

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      Well I don't know about Helen, but good ol' RGR sure has me talked into trying Fleur de Sel. I really liked their menu and have a reservation for the 21st.
      Thanks RGR. I trust your taste.

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        I'm honored that you trust me enough to give Fleur de Sel a try. No pressure there! lol I look foward to reading your report.

        Enjoy and Bon Appetit!

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          i got to say, i really agree... i narrowed down the lsit to this and gave it to my bf to decide but knoiwing him hell forget and make me decide. I was really leaning to fleur de sel, now i think i tipped.. thanx