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Feb 13, 2008 12:40 PM

Cinnabon Open in Teaneck Area

About 2 weeks ago a Cinnabon/Carvel store in the Teaneck, NJ area, that had been in existence for a year or two, re-opened under Chof-K supervision. As far as I know, it's the only kosher Cinnabon. (It's also now the only kosher full-service Carvel store in the area).

Most of the store is Carvel. The Cinnabon portion in the front is basically a small prep area, a small oven, and a display case with trays. Total 6 square feet.

It's basically 1 product, a sweet cinnamon danish with frosting. The variations are 3 different sizes (Classic, Mini and Bites) and a "cinna-stick" (like a large twisted french fry) that you dip into a little frosting cup. They have a "pecan" variety that just has crushed pecans sprinkled on top.

They proof and bake them fresh in the oven at the counter, and then shmear frosting on top.

The AROMA is comforting and delicious. It's really 75% of the benefit.

The TASTE, well, it tastes like white bread cinnamon french toast rolled-up with a little chocloate syrup, with frosting on top. Having it once is OK, but it really isn't compelling enough to be part of your regular junk food diet. The Classic size is way too big for a human. If you would eat a whole one, you'd feel carbed-out for the day. At aboout half the size, the Mini is better. The Bite is too small and doesn't convey the flavor. Also, you have to eat them hot. Out of the oven or microwaved. The Bite loses it's heat too fast, and it gets hard.

Given that this is the first kosher Cinnabon, and that area has many people who want to try it, they are not at all prepared to meet the demand. The oven holds around 40 Classic size buns, and they take almost half an hour to proof and bake. They typically sell them in packs of 6. So they can maximally serve half a dozen people (who come with families and kids) until you have to wait for the next round. I was there twice on Sunday afternoons (probably the busiest time)and neither time was anything placed in the display cases. They came out of the oven, went right into boxes and into the hands of people who had already paid and were milling around the register. And you had to buy whatever size they happened to be baking at that time. A second oven would help.

Interested in your thoughts.

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    1. Thanks for sharing the details but this is actually "old news" for this board.

      Also, there is another one in Florida and there used to be one in Mexico.

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      1. re: morris

        Morris, are you reporting that the Cinnabon in the Mexico City airport is no longer kosher?

        1. re: Kosher Critic

          I can't say for certain. I looked up cinnabon on the shamash database and it looks like Mexico isn't kosher any more. I don't know any more than that.