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Dec 16, 2001 06:42 PM

Best eats in San Gabriel Valley?

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I grew up in Pasadena, but haven't lived there in 6 years. I'm going home for a long visit (Longest that I've taken in 2 years) and I wanted to know if my fellow chowhounds have any suggestions for restaurants or other food experiences I shouldn't miss in Pasadena, Glendale, South Pas, San Marino, Arcadia, etc. One of my favorites (you should try it -- it was still good as of last August) is Los Tacos on the corner of Fair Oaks and California in Pasadena. Thanks for the input!

Another thing -- I'm getting married in Pasadena a year from February -- anyone have recommendations for amazing caterers? My mother is pushing the one who caters the Huntington Library, but I'd love some other feedback.


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  1. There was a thread back in March about good dinner restaurants in Pasadena that I linked to below for reference. It has some good suggestions for eating in the area.

    I used to work in the area so I only have lunch-time suggestions. For my money, I'd make a stop at:

    Roscoe's (on Lake, above the 210): greasy chicken, golden waffles dipped in sweet syrup, buttery and heart-clogging macaroni and cheese...what a morning treat!

    Europane (on Colorado and Lake): pastries and good gourmet sandwiches (I like the vegetarian one with feta). Tiny shop though.

    Tarantino's (near Green and Lake): for garlic and mushroom pizza, or maybe the white cheese & spinach one...very friendly folks run the place.

    Zankou (on Colorado, near PCC): delectable rotiserrie chicken with a garlic dipping sauce that I dream about constantly. It is a fast food type of joint but once you try it, you're hooked.

    Porto's Bakery (in Glendale..on Brand?): cuban sandwiches, cheese pastries, potato balls, and scrumptious desserts...all of it good!! Beware of crowds though, this place gets packed.

    There's an extraordinary number of Chinese restaurants nearby too. In Arcadia is Din Tai Fung, a branch of the famed Taiwanese dumping house. In San Gabriel is Tung Lai Shun, an Islamic Chinese restaurant. Both have been discussed a lot on this board so you can do a search on either one.

    Have a good homecoming!


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      I believe that Julienne on Mission in San Marino is considered the best high-end caterer in SGV and among the best in all of LA.

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        re:Wedding- Peggy Dark (Kitchen for Fine Foods)...she does great catering for all types of events and knows how to DO weddings!

      2. I think there is a catering group in pasadena, the kitchen for exploring foods (or something like that) - quite good as I recall.