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Feb 13, 2008 12:25 PM

Best Sandwiches in America

Esquire magazine has just come out with their list of the best sandwich spots in America. I was thrilled (and not so surprised) to see Seattle fairly represented with Salumi and Paseo. I'm wondering what other 'hounds think about the list and, specifically, what Northwest places you think should be added. I'm thinking particularly of often overlooked Portland.

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  1. Theres an awesome Italian place in Sumner, Wa, called "Aversanoes". They have the BEST sub sandwiches!

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    1. re: KJB

      That is a blast from the past for me. We ate pizza there when I was a kid (grew up in Puyallup). It's the only place that I know of that had/has(?) Green River soda on tap. Thanks for the memory.

      1. re: BallardFoodie

        I think they do still have that. I grew up in Sumner and went to Sumner high school. =o)

    2. Flags on the McRib, but the inclusion of a lobster roll took me back to my New England childhood. Mmmmm.

      1. Pastrami and the Ruben Sandwich at Ken & Zuke's Deli, 11th and Stark Portland Oregon

        Better than Katz

          1. I took a gander at the list. It's a keeper. I was pleased to find Primanti Bros on there. I was also looking for a famous sandwich restaurant located in New York, but none of the names on the list looked familiar.