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Feb 13, 2008 12:19 PM

Cafe de France vs. Chez Vincent vs. Paris Bistro?

I am looking for a romantic French restaurant - price is not a factor, but the ambience, the food, and great portions are a must (for an anniversary)! Country French, maybe? So far, I've been reading the reviews on these French restaurants, and was hoping if anyone has any feedbacks on the following: Cafe de France, Chez Vincent, and Paris Bistro?

I was told if I were to go to Cafe de France, I must try their house bread, their rack of lamb, and their Les Escargots a Lail.

For Chez Vincent, I was told to get their rack of lamb, their salad with pumpkin seeds and goat cheese, as well with mussels for appetizer.

For Paris Bistro, I heard all of their menu items are good, but the ambience is not that great.

I've also heard about Le Coq au Vin, but they are closed on Mondays, so that's a no-go!

Thank you!

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  1. I've never been to Cafe de France. Having been multiple times to Chez Vincent and Paris Bistro, Paris Bistro wins the taste test but Chez Vincent has very good food in a very nice ambience. For an anniversary my vote is Chez Vincent's but please at some time try Paris Bistro (all of their food is good and their mussels are excellent)

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      Another vote for Che Vincent for your anniversary diner, because of the combination of the food and the ambiance.

      Since Aubergine Bistro hanged hands Che Vincent is our new favorite french style restaurant.

    2. My hubby and a ADORE the mussels at Paris Bistro. ( I just tried to recreate them at home last night and came close!) It is a small, charming place that you should try to hit sooner than later. Their wine dinners are also great. We've worked our way through the menu and everything has been wonderful. (Great Duck, Duck Confit, rabbit, veal, salmon, chicken....frog legs, mussels, you name it.) They even manage to fill my husband up.

      If you are wanting something more polished in atmosphere, Chez Vincent is nice. We like the cozy atmosphere and the friendly owners and staff at Paris Bistro. We have had many romantic evenings over memorable meals at Paris Bistro.

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        Would you mind sharing how you cooked the mussels. It's our favorite as well! Yummy

      2. Le Coq au Vin is obviously my top choice for country french. As for a romantic bistro, I would suggest California grill. The food can be very french (especially appetizers) , and the fire work (starts between 9pm--11pm) makes any occasion memorable.