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Dec 16, 2001 02:55 PM

Cousins Subs in Burbank

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Anyone try this place yet?

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  1. There's one in Van Nuys too. It's a chain with most of its outposts in the Upper Midwest (Minn, Wis, Ill, NoDak). It is of acceptable quality. The variety is such that you might not find elsewhere in the Midwest (capicola and cotecchino are not real common around there) and the size is good.

    It's worth a try. I prefer Bay Cities' subs to Cousins' garibaldis.

    1. The Cousins on Burbank just east Van Nuys is actually fairly good, with a wider than normal assortment of fillings. The bread is definitely a cut above the Subway/Quizno's norm. Clean and bright facility. Definitely worth a stop if in the area. A little higher priced than Subway, meaning most sandwiches are in the $4.50/$5.50 range. Also one in Victorville if heading up that way.