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Feb 13, 2008 11:47 AM

Nice without breaking the bank, with big dinner salads and fish!

This is what Mom has requested. We are going to be between Protrero Hill, Haight and metro SF

Where is a nice and yummy place? Does Greens serve fish?

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Greens is in the Marina district. Swan Oyster Depot makes a great seafood Louie. Small place, with limited menu and very limited counter seating. Don't take your dad
      if he isn't going to behave.

      1. re: wolfe

        good advice! Thanks.

        Are there any other nice places that serve big dinner salads as well as meat and fish entrees in SF without crossing to the east bay or such?

        1. re: Diana

          Greens doesn't serve fish.

          San Francisco is not the best city for entree salads, especially at dunner.

            1. re: grishnackh

              Yes, I know that now. Thank you.

      2. Maybe you look into John's Grill for their well-known Jack Lalanne's Favorite Salad?

        John's Grill
        63 Ellis Street, San Francisco, CA 94102

        1. Mel's has Chef's and Cobb's salads.

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          1. re: wolfe

            Not Mel's diners, right? Where is Mel's? Do they have a website?

            1. re: Diana

              Yes Mel's Drive In. I know it a chain but it has what you asked for. Go to Places and put in Mel's and it will show you where the 4 spots are. It did start in San Francisco, I believe. Think retro.

              1. re: wolfe

                I think my parents will murder me if I take them there for a nice dinner. Be serious!

                1. re: Diana

                  I'm afraid fine dining and dinner salad

                  1. re: Diana

                    What do you want in your dinner salad? Fine dining and some of these big salads may be incompatible.

                    1. re: wolfe

                      not necessarily. Great chefs embrace creating fabulous salads with local, organic, often heirloom veggies and fresh fish or legumes!

                      I find salad's from Mel's sorta sad. 1000000 calories, covered in bacon and glop and full of iceberg.

                      Fresh greens, grilled veggies, or perhaps roasted veggies, fresh fish and parhaps legumes and a lite dressing.

                      1. re: Diana

                        But at dinner mostly as an appetizer not the whole meal. Places with Salad Nicoise some canned some seared Ahi.
                        Le Central,Tartine,Zazie,Liverpool Lil's and Bisto Boudin.

                    2. re: Diana

                      Thanks for your sanity here, Diana...Mel's doesn't break the bank but it is far from any reasonable definition of a 'nice' restaurant.

                      1. re: grishnackh

                        That is true but if the poster puts enough restrictions on the places
                        and dishes they want at some point sacrifices must be made. See the modifications suggested by JasmineG on 2/5 at 10PM.

                        1. re: wolfe

                          I hardly call looking for a dinner salad served in a place that also serves fish a "restriction"

                          1. re: Diana

                            It is in San Francisco. Honestly, the only place I could think of that serves dinner salads (as opposed to appetizer ones) is the Cheesecake Factory, and I'm clearly not going to recommend that. You should check out the Chow/Park Chow ideas that someone else suggested, though I think they might be more casual than you're looking for.

              2. What about a place like Askew Grill - they have one in the Haight. Oddly, their website doesn't have price info but I don't believe it is very expensive.

                1. I don't know any nice place in San Francisco that has dinner salads. I think you're going to have to change your quest to great appetizer salads and good fish, in which case you'll have lots of options. Zuni has an excellent Caesar, and while their menu changes, there's usually fish. Bar Tartine has great salads, and really well prepared fish. Delfina also has great salad and usually has a fish dish on the menu. Also, if you're looking for a really great seasonal salad, with excellently prepared fish, Chez Panisse upstairs is your place, even if it is in Berkeley.

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                  1. re: JasmineG

                    I would love Chez Panisse! Sadly, it is Closed Sunday, the night we have open to go out. Saturday is already taken with the VIP party at Anchor