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Feb 13, 2008 11:36 AM

Any good indian/asian around Galaxy Theatre in Cary?

I'm headed to a movie at the Galaxy tomorrow (start time: 12:55 pm) and want to meet up with my movie friend for lunch -- and I know NOTHING about the Cary Towne Center area -- the Galaxy's website shows CTC and McDonald's as landmarks -- I don't even know if the theatre is in a strip mall or free-standing. So, with that, are there any particularly good spots -- anything, really -- we should consider for eats? Thanks.

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  1. You're not far at all from Udupi. If you go up Maynard Road away from Walnut Street, the next big intersection is Chatham Street. Turn left at that light and you're in in Chatham Square. Go down just past that shopping center on your left and you see Udupi.

    They do a nice lunch buffet too! So meet at Udupi, then simply turn right on Chatham, right on Maynard, and you're on your way to the cinema...

    The cinema is free standing but in a strip mall area and both are across from the mall.

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      thanks so much! I've not been to Udupi yet and have wanted to; perfect opportunity!

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        adding places link...

        Udupi Cafe Indian Vegetarian
        590 E Chatham St, Cary, NC 27511

      2. Also, I haven't been to India Palace at Cary Towne Center, but I have friends who like it a lot.

        1. The King and I for Thai, get the fried chicken wings appt.

          1. There is a chaat place called Cool Breeze on Chatham Street in Cary that has got some great stuff. Worth a look.

            Cool Breeze
            740 E Chatham St Ste E, Cary, NC 27511

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              I'd pick Cool Breeze over Udupi too.

            2. I had the exact same dilemma a few weekends ago. I was going to see an early evening screening (of Persepolis) and my first choice, Bosphorous, was too busy, so we drove to Udipi which is about 5 minutes drive from the Galaxy. Udipi has amongst the best vegetarian Indian food in the area. It's a little hard to find because it's not visible from the street.

              If you take a left from SE Maynard on E. Chatham St. You pass Little India, the concentration of Indian/East Asian businesses, then very soon after you turn left into this anonymous, modern looking strip mall. Udipi is one of the businesses further down the strip mall on your right.