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Best Desserts in LA

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Hey Guys, I'm hoping you can help me. I'm looking for someplace with killer desserts to cater a 300 person event I'm planning in Feb. Any suggestions?

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  1. Heather,
    I was very impressed by the desserts I had at party I attended at Gensler Architecture last year. I was told they came from Pastries by Edie in Canoga Park. I haven't had a reason to call them until now. Just received their fax which lists 58 items. Tarts, cakes, canolie, napoleans, tortes, mouse, bombe... The list goes on and on. Give them a call (818)340-0203.

    1. Is it just for dessert? Are you providing the room?
      I have an idea but it is only dessert and they do not have a location to serve 300 people.

      1. I really liked the chocolate blackout cake at greenblatt's deli on sunset east of cresent heights. don't know where they get the cake, or if they make it themselves. good chocolate.

        1. My favorite bakery is Sweet Lady Jane on Melrose in West Hollywood. Unbelievably good desserts, (the berry shortcake is killer), beautifully presented. An amazing selection of things to choose from.

          Provence on Olympic near Doheny, is in my opinion the best French bakery around. The selection isn't as varied, but the quality and presentation are excellent. Both bakeries are on the high price end.

          1. portos bakery, in glendale, makes a wonderful fruit tart with fresh fruit arranged over a tart shell..they also seem to have fans of their other deserts which are on display in the cases..they also have a bakery and catering services..bye bye

            1. I must say that the cakes at the Biltmore Hotel in Downtown are phenomenal. I'm not sure what else they have but they do a great job there.

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                Cyrus J. Farivar

                One place that my family always goes to is Caprice.

                Caprice Bakery
                3213 Pico Boulevard, Santa Monica, CA 90405
                (310) 453-1932
                (310) 453-3553 (fax)

                This is a place that sells direct to restaurants, it's owned by a French guy who is really nice. If I remember, his name is Maurice. It's better if you call ahead and reserve something, but you can always go in and check out their fridge, and admire their huge kitchen. It's quite an experience, and you'll love their stuff. I'm sure they could do big party type stuff.