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Feb 13, 2008 11:34 AM

Smoked Goldeye, Winnipeg: truly golden!

We bought some smoked goldeye at the Forks in Winnipeg on our last trip there. We purchased it from the vendor who does the fish and chips. We finally had it today on an authentic Montreal bagel, freshly purchased from St. Viateur bakery (still hot!) with cream cheese. OMG. I have got to tell you , this was fabulous! The smoked goldeye was smooth and unctuous, subtle hint of smoke, a mild white fish flavour, with a delicate texture. What an elegant treat! It is much more delicate than smoked salmon. And I love the delicate flavour of the fish oil. I loved it! So sad that there is only one left.....

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  1. I know, it's great. Only complaint is the pinbones are small and plenty.

    My grandma used to go out every year as we had cousins out there.. and every year she used to bring some back for us.

    1. i found some at sobeys on 17th and 52nd in calgary on saturday .didnt get any but after readind this topic i want to try it

      1. I bought a couple smoke goldeyes in Gimli last summer from a street vendor. I ate them straight up, and found them to be a little overpowering. But after your suggestion, perhaps I'll go get some fresh bagels from Gunns, and try the goldeye as more of a garnish.

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          My hubbie commented that he has had smoked goldeye that was much more strongly smoked than the stuff we bought at the Forks. So it is possible that there are different levels of smoking in different batches of goldeye. Nevertheless, we both think the cream cheese and bagel would make even a stronger tasting goldeye more palatable. And wow, that lovely texture!