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Feb 13, 2008 11:31 AM

Park Slope Suggestions

We're staying with family in Park Slope (On Prospect Place between 5th and 7th). This is the first time for us staying in the area (vs. Midtown Manhattan) and our family will be very busy so they won't be our tour guides. Any must do suggestions for food/eats/places to hang out? We don't mind a 10-15 minute walk either (if it's a safe area).


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  1. yr on the border of park slope and prospect heights...overall, safe area...but be aware late at night.

    very close by, you have taro sushi...a board favorite and probably the best sushi for the money in nyc.

    other good options...franny's for pizza on flatbush, beast on vanderbilt for great upscale bar food and small plates...solid brunch too. sheep station on 4th ave is an australian pub with surprisingly good food, and if you walk down 5th ave, there's al di la...for amazing italian on carroll.

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      If you do a search of the board for Park Slope, you will find COUNTLESS threads. Often overlooked (unjustly) in this board is Tempo (upscale Italian/Mediterranean), which is a block away from Al Di La. My favorite restaurant in the neighborhood and a heck of a deal.

      Also, if you are going over to Beast, check out Garden Cafe -- wonderful, tiny french place that is also a terrific deal.

      1. re: elecsheep9

        I honestly don't think Tempo has been overlooked. Maybe because it's only been mentioned millions of times rather than billions?

      2. re: sam1

        My Brother who we are staying with said that Taro has the best sushi he's ever had. I can't wait to try it.

      3. To me, that part of Park Slope is all about specialty this or that. Which is nice, and quaint, and fun. You could spend the whole weekend in the area, and I don't know if it would change you life, but you would have a really satisfactory time.


        I'm not sure what the make-up of your "we" is, but I really like Convivium Osteria (at St. marks and 5th). It's cozy and the food is rich and delicious, though I'm not sure I'd take children there. Though I have seen children there. So I guess it depends on the children.

        It's also fun to walk through Bierkraft on Union and 5th. The store is shaped like a U, so when you first walk in you go through this hall of fancy and exciting beer... the first corner reveals a cooler where you can buy growlers of local beers on tap (some aren't available in bottles)... then you're in cheese land (though I find the cheese staff to be rather unhelpful in recommendations, they do give samples)... next comes the cured meats... followed by a full selection of the locally made il labritorio de gelato gelato (Olive Oil gelato = yum) ... just when you think you're done you land in the chocolate section with a nice selection of truffles and fancy bars.

        Next door to bierkraft, Press 197 has some great sandwiches.

        Un-food related, go see a movie at BAM (Brooklyn Academy of Music). I think that's still a 15 minute walk. It might be more on the side of 20.

        Other than that, walking around is nice if the weather agrees. The streets are really pretty up there.

        It's all safe. As a young female who's walked through this area more than once late at night, I've never had trouble. 5th and 7th ave stayed populated pretty late. I guess I walk quicker on Flatbush and the less populated avenues, but I've never felt unsafe.

        have fun! Repost with where you went.

        Convivium Osteria
        68 5th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11217

        191 5th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11217

        Brooklyn Academy of Music
        30 Lafayette Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11217

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        1. re: erns53

          I've walked from Park Place and 6th to the Atlantic Avenue LIRR in 12 minutes flat. BAM should take no longer than 15 minutes from OP's location at a reasonable pace.

          1. re: elecsheep9

            Thanks. I used to live a block from BAM and I walked to Park Slope so often that I don't think I noticed how long it took to get there. It never felt long, but then I had a friend come visit and I made her walk to the co-op with me and she complained that I should have warned her about the long walk! I thought the co-op was a short walk! Just goes to show how our perceptions change when we are used to traveling on foot or by bus. 20 minutes is close.

          2. re: erns53

            Thanks for the advice. We are a young 30's couple with no children joining us (woo hoo! - thanks to Grandparents).

            I'll definitely repost where we went.

            1. re: carrie1403

              not life changing but flatbush farm on st marks and 6th ave is solid...for drinks and small meals...possibly brunch. service can be mixed but overall, its a nice place for a quiet meal.

              1. re: sam1

                I went to Flatbush Farm once and both me and my wife's dishes were way too over-salted. Never again.

                1. re: elecsheep9

                  As someone who has lived in this neighborhood for more than 27 years now, I dont think you have to worry about security other than normal street smarts. Its pretty quiet and safe these days. Re your eating choices, Id say that Taro and Convivium are the best nearby places - but it depends on what you want and what you want to pay - walking south on Fifth Avenue 7-8 blocks (a nice urban evening stroll) there are so many places - italian french, mexican etc. Tempo for their Prix Fixe and Al Di La for over all quality are great choices - if you want pizza La Villa, Los Pollitos for hispanic fare are a couple of others. If you want to go in the opposite direction, toward Prospect Heights, Frannys is close for elegant upscale pricy very good Pizza, Amorina is another artisanal pizza place somewhat cheaper and easier to get into, with its sister restaurant Aliseo which offers the uncommon cuisine of the Marche across the street on Vanderbilt, as well as the previously mentioned Garden Cafe. There is a good pastry shop, Joyce, on Vanderbilt (but not open late) and another, Trois Pomme on 5th, down around Garfield which is open late to treat your sweet tooth, also the Chocolate Room, near you on 5th which has delicious shakes and other stuff.If you want to shop for cheese, bread etc. you can go to Blue Apron on 7th Ave or head to Bierkraft.

                  1. re: jen kalb

                    Just some thoughts:

                    Gorilla Coffee on 5th Ave: best coffee in Brooklyn. Get it to go because the place is always packed, especially on weekends.

                    Union Hall- great bar with bocce ball courts, comfy chairs, and a roaring fire

                    Brooklyn Industries for hip clothes. They have good sale items in the back (on Fifth and Union


                    Bonnie's Grill- pretty good burgers in a nice throwback diner environment

                    Sheep Station (on 4th Ave and Douglass) Fantastic Australian/Canadian grub. Get the poutine (cheese curds and gravy over French fries!) Great owners, fabulous bar, one of the brave pioneers to set up shop on the up and coming Fourth Avenue

                    If you're feeling really adventurous: Spend a couple of hours by walking down 5th Avenue and see how the neighborhood changes. It's a super safe walk during the day. After you get past Ninth street you'll see the 99 cent stores (which are fun to shop in- especially the one between 14th and 15th- get a bag full of the blue paper cups with the Greek drawings that say “We are happy to serve you” that you see on every episode of Law & Order for $2.49, they’re found in the first aisle with the party supplies), and you’ll see the taco joints, greasy pizzerias, and old delis...but you'll also see new wine bars, restaurants (like Sidecar), and new condos being built everywhere. On 18th and Fifth go to Eagle Provisions, one of the last Polish supermarkets in this part of Brooklyn...grab a kielbasa for your hosts or one of their hundreds of imported beers. Walk a little further down 5th and you'll be in Little Mexico with some of the best hole-in-the-wall Tacquerias in the Slope. Go to El Jirasol bakery (5th and 21st) and sit at the 1950's counter and order some chicken tacos...delicious. For your walk back- walk up to 7th Avenue and head back down. It's not as eclectic and cool as Fifth but there's lots to see.

                    1. re: pastoralia

                      Great advice in this post. Walking down 5th Avenue is a great Saturday stroll.

                    2. re: jen kalb

                      Ditto about security in the area. My husband has also lived here for 27 years, and I (coming from a very safe place) have lived here for about 15 years. As anywhere in New York, you need street smarts and to be a bit more cautious during dark hours. We always walk to and from restaurants, anywhere in this area -and sometimes quite late at night.

                      In addition to what Jen kalb wrote, I was going to suggest Restaurant Sorrel (605 Carlton Ave (St Marks Pl)), but heard that it has closed.

                      - Jen kalb, (or anyone) do you know if this is true?

                      We also love Garden Cafe, but it has been hard to get a Fri- Sat reservation there lately.

                    3. re: elecsheep9

                      Yeah, I went to the Flatbush Farm for brunch once and I couldn't believe how much it cost for what I got. And they gave me skim milk for my coffee, which is just crazy.

              2. You can also try Applewood (11th St. and 7th Ave.). I like their fresh fruit mimosas at brunch on Sunday.

                1. I love the suggestions of Bierkraft - it's such a fun place (also, they have tasso ham - I just recently discovered that). For brunch, I really like (in addition to what's been mentioned) Stone Park Cafe, Cocotte and Perch (all near 5th Ave and 2nd). Also, for dinner, I love love love Palo Sano, on Union between 4th and 5th - very lovingly prepared and delicious South American food (and great, quirky wines).

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                    For brunch, both Scotaditto and Black Pearl (across from one another on Union Street off of 7th by the Co-op) have brunch deals with unlimited mimosas. I prefer Scotaditto (which is a touch cheaper) but both are quite nice.

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