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Feb 13, 2008 11:22 AM

Any thoughts on dinner at Akasha

Just curious if anyone has tried Akasha. I am going for dinner tonight and am interested on any thoughts or favorite dishes.


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  1. would love to hear your report. am going tomorrow (v day)

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      I absolutely recommed this resaurant. I lived in San Francisco for eight years and this could eaily be located in the South of Market Area. It has a very industrial chic feel and while certainly busy it was not to the point of being unable to move.

      It is split into two sides. The first is the bakery which I am sure does a good trade in the day. The second area is where the restaurant is located. It holds I would guess about 60 people and while the tables are close there is definitely enough room be comfortable.

      Food-wise I loved it. My wife and I split the humus which was served with olives on top and pizza "bread" . The bread was crispy where it should be and soft where is expected. I am not a humus fan but this had a fantastic flavor and I would recommend. We spoke to the couple next to us and they mentioned that the ahi lettuce wraps were amazing. For the main course we we had the scallops and a turkey burger. Both were cooked to perfection with amazingly fresh ingredients. I am one of those people who eats whatever is in front of me and I have to say the portion sizes were perfect. I can highly recommend either dish.

      The wine selection is not 75 pages of wines, but rather a few very good reasonably priced selections. Most are served by the glass with most prices int the $10 to $16 range.

      Desert was also amazing we split a portion of the carrott cake with tangerine ice cream.

      We spent $110 for two with a couple of glasses of wine. I am a huge fan of Violet and while the food is different I would say if you like it you will like Akasha. I would say I am considerate of planet Earth but it was great to find a place that has amazing food that is actually healthy.

      I hope this helps.


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        Very nice review - thanks. I'm headed there soon and it's great to get a report first.

    2. i say blech although my experience might have been colored by a very loud and not even drunk man at the other end of the bar. my drink, figs muddled in apple juice with vodka was absolutely undrinkable--i, for the first time in my life, asked the bartender if she'd give me something else instead. the hummous was grainy and very oily although i did like the crunchy/soft bread that came with. all in all, i give the place, both the food and the crowd two big yawns.

      1. just did drinks and appetizers there - drinks were okay, not as good as fraiche down the street
        for apps, it was the hummus which was also just okay - i thought the bread that came with it could have had more flavor in terms of herbs or onions or something - just a bit bland
        also the onion rings were excellent, perfectly cooked, lightly battered with two decent dipping sauces - servers are friendly and i like the space a lot - would love to take that space and servers and combine with fraiche's food and drink!

        1. I'm surprised there hasn't been more board activity on this place already, but that's neither here nor there. My specific question: Has anyone been for LUNCH? Cheers.

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            I had the pastrami reuben at the waiter's suggestion and was very disappointed. It had decent saurkraut and bread but the meat tasted like mush [Langer's needn't worry]. The fries were so-so (best to order them extra-crisp) but, from a much better dinner a few nights earlier [delicious Indian style shrimp and a lovely pork in an acai sauce], I can vouch for the onion rings. The regular and turkey burgers looked good so that might have been the way to go despite the waiter's recommendation.

          2. We had an early dinner there on Saturday and thought it was good. We shared the ahi tuna lettuce wraps, a salad that had goat cheese in it, a pizza with prosciutto and figs, and a side order of cauliflower. I guess we turned it into a tapas place inadvertantly. All the dishes were good, but the salad and pizza really stood out. The crust on the pizza was great and the prosciutto was wonderfully crispy. The salad was perfectly dressed. I thought the portions were perfectly sized as well. I also liked the loaf of multi-grain bread from BreadBar that they put on the table -- I'm a sucker for that thing. The service was friendly and attentive. The restaurant itself is gorgeous, assuming you're a fan of the raw concrete loft look. We would definitely go back.