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Feb 13, 2008 11:16 AM

What is End Cut" Prime Rib??? [Moved from Manhattan board]

IIn my search for the best prime rib recs I have seen a few posts saying that the "end cut" prime rib at the Palm is supposedly the best. What exactly does this mean- end cut? I would think the better cuts would be more towards the middle of the rib roast. Please advise me. Thanks!!!!!!!!

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. The "end cut" is just that...the end of the roast. It'll be cooked more, and it usually is more heavily seasoned than a cut from the interior of the roast.

      1. Because there are only two end cuts on any one Prime Rib Roast (one from each end), I've known people to request it because of its rarity (but not its rareness). Pardon the pun. As ricepad mentions, it is more heavily seasoned and generally more salty.

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          A waiter at the hotel where worked told me that everyone at table of 10 ask for the end cut. He had to tell there are only two per roast, everyone can't have the end!

        2. From my understanding, the end cut of the prime rib is the most well cooked and driest.

          1. it has the somewhat "crusty" side (from exposure in the oven) that has a nice caramelized flavor. typically more well-done, usually the rarest is "medium." and it will have a higher seasoning level, just from volume of surface exposed to the rub.