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Feb 13, 2008 10:48 AM

Picky mom in Staten Island: she prefers Asian food, but often claims she can do better...any recs?

I'm taking my parents and my brother's family (five adults total and two young children) out to dinner this Saturday. It's a little stressful, because my mom tends to be on the picky side. One time, I took her to a pan-Asian place near Newburgh, NY and raved about the eggrolls. The next day, she created her own eggroll recipe and made dozens of them the next time I came to visit her. She's great, but a tough critic. =)

I am thinking about the Vietnamese place on Richmond Avenue and am also considering Crown Palace and East in the mall. Does anyone have any other recommendations? Thanks!

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  1. Matsu is a new Japanese restaurant. Very good food, especially fresh sushi. Decore and service are above average for Staten Island. Located in the new shopping center on Greaves Lane off Amboy Road in Great Kills. What more could Mom want?

    1. Just over the Verrazano you've got Grand Sichuan House in Bay Ridge, right around the corner from Century 21. The food is excellent. There's been a long thread running for the last couple of months and the positive comments are almost universal -

      1. I've liked Talay Thai on Richmond Rd. near Benton (?) Ave. It's pretty small. But I haven't explored the Asian scene very much. There used to be a great Chinese place out Forest near Decker or so, but it's long gone. Many people here recommend the Vietnamese place you mention, and I've been meaning to get over there. That may be your best bet, as so many have recommended it.

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          Talay Thai is on Hylan Blvd. westbound near Benton. Parking can be a challenge.

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            Oh, you're right...Hylan, of course. Why did I write Richmond Rd.?

            Of course, also at Hylan and Benton is Trattoria Romana. I haven't eaten there in at least a year, but I remember it fondly, especially their mushroom pasta dish.

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              I just ate there. The food is always good but the place is soooo noisy and the tables are really, really close together which only adds to the noise.More a friends place than a place to take Mom. I also got the distinct impression that the OP is looking for Asian based cuisine. (Wrong borough lol!)
              BTW: Trattoria Romana makes a dee-lish personal size pizza with eggplant. Great as an appetizer.

        2. it's great to hear that there's a good thai place on staten island. it's come a long way. =) i think i've been to matsu before and it was really good. mom was pretty happy that day, so hopefully a sophomore run might work out. i am also strongly considering grand sichuan. it's less than twenty minutes from my parents' place, so it's definitely a contender. thanks!

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            There is a wonderful Asian restaurant on Arthur Kiill and Richmond Ave.
            It used to be a run of the mill Cantonese place, but the new owner, who is also a Mgr at one of the big hotels in the city, developed a great new menu.
            The decor is understated and it's in a small shoppig center, so there is plenty of parking. .They also have a small Sushi bar for those who cannot live without sushi. The food is great, the service was gracious. Very unhurried dining. I was very pleasantly surprised. It's now called Oriental Taste.
            Here's a link to view the menu. Really quality ingredients.

            Have a great evening wherever you dine :-}

          2. Several months ago Robert Sietsema wrote in the Village Voice that the best pho in all of New York City is found at Pho Mac, located in a strip mall at 1407 Richmond Ave, Graniteville, SI (718) 982-9292

            (this might be the place you referred to above)

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              I find that very hard to believe although Sietsema loves to rub Staten Island in the faces of the other boroughs... remember his take on New Asha? Pho Mac is solid on the pho and everything else is good to average. For future formal gatherings, you need to call and make sure upstairs is functioning. BYOB.

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                I don't think of Sietsema as "rubbing Staten Island in the faces of the other boroughs." He seems to recommend far-flung places in every borough, and still only a few places in SI. What is your own take on New Asha? Personally, I was disappointed in the steam-table food setup; however, it may be worth a visit if the dishes are authentic and hard-to-find elsewhere.

                1. re: comestible

                  I'm a fan of Sietsema but I do think he enjoys NOT indulging in island bashing which in my mind is only half deserved. He gave Ayder on Forest a great review when in truth it's only average. My New Asha take is I go Fridays and get the vegetarian special that is thrown in the microwave from the steam table... it's still great with four or five dishes on top of too much rice. I've also tried chicken and the kingfish there and was less than impressed but those veggies... hey it's Friday!

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                    The Korean restaurant on Bradley Ave has excellent Chinese dishes.

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                      Are you able to suppply a name, or a cross street?

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                        Sister's Korean BBQ 330 Bradley Ave, Staten Island, NY 10314. I'm a big Pho Mac fan. Talay thai is good, but the atmosphere is pretty dumpy. Forest Thai on Forest is also good.

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                          Thanks for the info :-}

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                            I've yet to hear a Korean recommend "Sisters" although I think there's a new owner. Guess I need to go. Forest Thai is mediocre but the Singha beer is cheap! Across the street is a good new Indian place called "Chiraq" or something.