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Feb 13, 2008 10:44 AM

Valentines in the Valley--ACK!


Looking for names of Valentine's restaurants in the the Studio City/Sherman Oaks area.

Very embarrassing situation. Made reservations two weeks ago, and now I can't find the name of the restaurant.

It was in the Studio City/Sherman Oaks area, on or near Ventura Blvd. Valentine's dinner was about $65 a person for 3 courses.

Any ideas?

Thanks a lot, very big help

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  1. What kind of food? Italian, French?

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    1. re: trojans

      I'm not sure how to describe. Lamb, oysters, steak, wine, what I think of as traditional American Valentine's meal.

      Oddly, found it from the Chowhound boards after running a search for Valentine's Day restaurants in the valley, but am now not finding any threads like that.

      1. re: zakiszak

        Pinot Bistro, Mistral, Spazzio, La Frite, Cafe Bizou. Any of those?

    2. Il Tiramisu in sherman oaks would easily fit the bill! Is that it?

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      1. re: Diana

        Heh, good suggestion, but a miss. They're actually who I just booked a reservation with as a backup if I can't find the original.

        Thanks for the ideas

        1. re: zakiszak

          How about Max, Marmalade Cafe, Cafe Cordiale, Bistro Garden, Patina?

      2. Adding Firefly, Wine Bistro, La Loggia, Outtake Cafe, Mezzomondo, Le Petit Restaurant, Mistral to those already mentioned.

        1. Was this the thread? The poster specifically mentions Valentines Day:

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          1. re: CEfromLA

            Thank you all for your suggestions, there are two here that I suspect as my culprits.

            Happy Valentines Day Chowhounds

            1. re: zakiszak

              Whooo, it was the Pinot Bistro, yay! Thanks everyone!