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Feb 13, 2008 10:19 AM

Fudge in the Valley

Yes, kind of a weird request, but I'm looking for a bakery or candy store that has homemade fudge (preferably peanut butter) in the SF Valley. Studio City, Burbank, Woodland Hills, Tarzana etc. I'd like to get some for my valentine (he's having a craving) and it wouldn't be a surprise if I make it at home. I appreciate any ideas or suggestions :)

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  1. don't hate me, but see's does great fudge.

    there's also fudge fatale.

    as a last ditch, there's kelly's coffee and fudge, which actually isn't all that bad, just very sweet.

    and if you wanted to go over to alcove cafe, i think they have fudge bars, but not positive...