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Feb 13, 2008 09:59 AM

Vegetarian Food - Tampa, Clearwater, St.Pete

I just recently became vegetarian and I am looking for places to try some good vegetarian cuisine. Any you can suggest?

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  1. I don't eat meat, either, but I'm not sure what you mean by "vegetarian cuisine"; I go to all kinds of places and just order the meatless dishes. Do you eat fish and /or shellfish? How about dairy? Anyway, Byblos on MacDill has lots of veggie dishes; Pane Rustica, also on MacDilll, has a few, more if you eat fish; Yummy House is our favorite Chinese, it's up on the northside and makes delish tofu dishes; Louis Pappas, on Bay to Bay, makes my fave Greek salad; Cappy's, also on Bay to Bay, makes my fave pizza; Chipotle makes great veggie burritos and tacos (we used to like Taqueria on Howard, had a couple of bad experiences but might try it again). How's that for a start?

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      great. i honestly dont even know what i meant by that haha

      i havent tried tofu yet but am trying to figure out what i can order when I am out to dinner that isnt always just sides. I gave up all meat,poultry, seafood but I'm still eating dairy, eggs, etc. Any suggestions or even recipes would be great!

    2. Consciousness Blossoms in Palm Harbor serves up a great veggie menu, especially their signature dish, the "neat loaf". I also love the buffet at Mirage in Clearwater; while not purely vegetarian, it has a lot of great vegetarian and even vegan offerings, and is a favorite of vegan relatives when they're visiting from out of state. The cafe at Nature's Food Patch in Clearwater also has many good offerings, including a variety of flavored tofu dishes on any given day.