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Feb 13, 2008 09:36 AM

Walking Distance from Laemmle's Royal

Any tasty places to recommend? Open to all kinds of food. Ideally something that's open early and late (don't know if I'll get there before film or after...)

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  1. The whole stretch of Santa Monica Blvd. between Bundy and Sawtelle is crawling with restaurants - to name just a few: Sasaya, Cafe 50's, Le Saigon, Qispo, EN Sushi, the Nook, Aki, Monte Alban (a bit of a walk but certainly doable)

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      Three more in that same stretch: The quite good (more upscale than most of the others) Italian, Il Grano; the solid Persian, Javan; and, if you enjoy yakitori, the ever reliable Nanbankan.

    2. Juquila is right there and has very good Oaxacan food at a reasonable price. Here is the LA Times review:

      It says they are open from 8 am to midnight.

      1. Decent beef and chicken teriyaki at New Japan (Santa Monica/Sawtelle); haven't been inspired by the rest of the menu though.

        1. Javan is good persian and they actually serve wine, which is unusual. Nook is fab but gets super crowded.

          1. Wow. Didn't know this area was so rich in choices. Thinking of trying Juquila for starters. Thx all!

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              Reporting bak on Juquila. Like this place. Little hole in the wall. TV mounted in back corner. English not first language. Nice service.

              As to the food -- No grasshoppers available (apparently they have them sometimes if you ask for them) but the beer (something Negro) was delicious and frosty and loved the salty rim they put on the mug (legend has it dried worms are a part of the salt mixture). Also the nacho chips they brought to the table were excellent -- warm and covered with a lovely sweetish brown sauce (poss a mole) with soft cheese sprinkled on top. Mr. BB got a spicy flattened chicken which he was very happy with. I tried some of his black beans and rice -- which while not anything exceptional were comforting and nice. I was not such a fan of my seafood soup. It looked really cool when the brought it out -- a huge white bowl stuffed with generous portions of crab legs, shrimp, clams and shrimp. There was a plate of lime, cilantro and chopped onion on side to add into the mix. So far so good -- but eating it was too much work. The pieces of fish had bones or fat you hat to work around, the crabs legs had to e cracked, and while I do eat whole shrimp at dim sum didn't really want to do that with this shrimp (didn't taste off but not good either).

              At the end of the day, I will probably come back. Too mellow, pleasant and low key not to try again and I did enjoy what I had of Mr. BB's order. But I won't order the sea food again.

              May try out a couple more of the other restaurant suggestions before returning. There are so many options in the area!!