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Dec 13, 2001 05:15 PM

cloudberry liqueur

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Does anyone know where to get this around here (or elsewhere)? Thanks.

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  1. Here's a web site that appears to sell it.


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    1. re: Sarah C

      That's the only website I found that carries it -- the trouble is that it has to be shipped from Finland and costs $40. There is a store in NYC that sells a Canadian brand, but, after they put me on hold for 20 minutes, I hung up. I've called random liquor stores around here and even in Minnesota, but to no avail! Someone must have it, though!!

      1. re: Hilary
        Michael Robertson Moore

        Somewhere in LA is a place called Olsson's Market & Deli that specializes in Scandinavian delicacies. They might be worth a look.

        1. re: Michael Robertson Moore

          Pico east of Fairfax if memory serves . Not a big liquour selection . Good luck !

        2. re: Hilary


          I would try Hi-Time Wine Cellars (800-331-3005) in Costa Mesa. They have a great selection of liquers and spirits. If they don't have what you need, they can probably refer you to someone that does.

          BTW, they have a PHENOMENAL wine selection if you're ever interested.

          Good luck Hilary and Merry Christmas!


      2. Try Wally's Liquor, 2107 Westwood Boulevard
        (310) 475-0606
        Good Luck.

        1. I have no idea where to get it, other than that I head to Jerry's Liquor on Wilshire & Harvard in Santa Monica when I need uncommon liquors (such as cacha├ža).

          It sounds Scandihoovian to me... have you tried enquiring of the women associated with the Vasa Lodge (swedish-american fraternal org.) or the Sons of Norway (ditto only norveegian)?

          Another place that won't have it (this I know for certain, for they don't sell alcohol) but may be able to point you to it is the Dayton House in Decorah, Iowa (lovingly known as Little Norway). They were able to get for me all manner of things from an aebleskiver pan to lingonberry jelly (not jam!). They are associated with Vesterheim Museum and are in West Water Street in Decorah, IA.