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Feb 13, 2008 09:26 AM

egg lemon sauce

I found a very simple recipe for this sauce. 3 egg yolks, 3 tbs fresh lemon juice, and then add hot 1 cup chicken stock and heat and stir stove top until thickened.

Problem is it didn't get thick. Should use a thickener or another yolk. It was not only thin but I didn't thick it was very good.

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  1. Dear wdames,
    Usually when using egg & Lemon sauce in Greek cooking, it is using with a dish that you would use the cooking liquid with (as opposed to just chix stock). For instance with youvarlakia; rice and meatballs, there exists a good amount of fat in the cooking liquid, this together with the starch of the rice, makes a perfectly thickened sauce. If you just want to make the sauce alone, you should add corn starch. Avgo-lemono doesn't always have to be thick either. Whenever I make chicken soup, I do an avgo-lemono with it, not to thicken, but for added flavor. The avgo-lemono will only be as good as the cooking liquid you are using. It goes great with stuffed grape leaves, mine always comes out very thick every time. With other dishes such as pork with stamnagathi, I have experienced the sauce to be a little too thin, in such a case I would add a little flour or corn starch. Good luck, and give it a chance, avgo-lemono is my favorite! PS: always good to add fresh dill.