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Feb 13, 2008 09:23 AM


What does everyone think of Katsuya? A group of friends and I want to go to a trendy sushi place--we've tried Koi and loved the atmosphere. How is Katsuya in comparison? Also, which location is best? Brentwood or Hollywood?? Any help will be very appreciated! :)

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  1. Katsuya is definitely a 'scene' and will be trendy. I'd vote for the Hollywood and Vine location over Brentwood because a)traffic to Brentwood is the worst, b)the Hollywood location is newer and therefore more trendy at the moment.

    The H&V location has a great long sushi bar which is awesome to sit at depending on the size of your group. Also, they have the adjacent S-bar which is somewhat fun and swanky and will be a conversation point for you and your friends. Dinner doesn't guarantee admission, but judging by the name "Holly" a group of women usually has a much easier time getting in than a group of guys.

    It's definitely worth a visit, knowing it'll be crowded, knowing it'll be a scene, knowing that the specialty drinks are great but over priced.

    1. I enjoyed my meal at Katsuya in Brentwood. Some of the dishes were very tasty, including the miso black cod. And the drinks were fantastic. It's not cheap, but of the "sceney" restaurants, at least the food at Katsuya is decent.

      1. I brought some out of towners there for a business dinner (on me). They wanted to go. It was fine. Some of the dishes we ordered were tasty, some just ok. The space very cool, the service fine. This was my final feeling: it was fine. For five of us I paid well over 700 dollars. Which also is fine if the food warrants it. But on the drive home I just kept thinking of the meals around time I could have had for the same price. Mind blowing meals. This was not a mind blowing meal. And that cuisine leaves me hungry! My friends and I have laughed a lot since that after paying that much money, I still drove through In-And-Out on the way home as I was still hungry.