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Feb 13, 2008 09:07 AM

Breakfast in Bellevue

Being from Tacoma, my eastside knowledge is limited when it comes to my favorite meal. I am meeting a good friend of mine for breakfast and need an appropriate spot! Us gals would like a comfy place to chat, steamy mugs of good coffee and good homemade breakfast grub. No FSA crap (gag!). Nothing too fancy either. Good food, friends and brew are the criteria. Somewhere near downtown is preferable as her condo is right down the street from the park. Thank you for the help!!!

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  1. brief encounters on bellevue way is awesome. not the prettiest place but really good food.

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    1. re: rudyhux

      I've been meaning to check that place out.

      I like Pancake Corral on Bellevue Way, but might not be your thing.

      Gilbert's may be the right choice for you.
      Not my thing for breakfast, but it's probably the "nicest" breakfast that you're looking for. It's surprisingly pricey though.