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Feb 13, 2008 08:55 AM

Lost Pit Beef Stand in Timonium?

So this is a real long shot. Many years ago, I think at least 10 years ago, there was a pit beef stand in Timonium on Greenspring Drive. It was south of the Timonium Rd intersection (you'd take a right from timonium rd if you were headed towards york), nearer to the left turn onto business park (locals will know recognize the light rail station and Blue Stone near here). I was still in high school, so my opinion may have been naive, but it was really the best pit stop place I've ever been to. They operated out of what looked like a very small mobile home and the lines were huge everyday.

Now, they've been closed for some time (at the very least 7 years), and I remember my dad telling me at the time that the owner of the land that they rolled their 'mobile home-esque' place refused to allow them to renew their agreement because he/she/they were planning on selling it to build a building there (there is actually a building there now I think). Of course, at the time I didn't quite realize how badly I'd miss them or how much worse other pit beef shops were around the area, and adding to the fact that I was still pretty young, I never bothered to ask them where they might go or how to keep in touch with them before they left.

So, does anyone know what happened to it? Does anyone even remember it? Did they set up shop somewhere else?

If you have any info, you'd be so utterly amazing in my eyes.

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  1. Mobile homesque and pit beef in the baltimore county and i come up w/ the Charcoal Deli? Is that it? I think this is on Cranbrook rd though, near Padonia rd.

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    1. re: aussiewonder

      I live right near there, and I'll go in tonight an ask them if they used to be that place, If they are, they are located on Church Street (Cranbrook is on the other side, York Road splits the two) right across from Pizza Hut. If you are coming north on York, turn Left @ Corner Stable, if heading South Turn Right...)

      I'm just about out of here, so I will update again when I get home!

    2. You might be thinking of Shorty's on Falls Rd....its still there. Great PIt beef.

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      1. re: MDicecreamguy

        Did Shorty's move to a different spot on Falls? The last time I saw him they were in the lot right next to The Wine Merchant. When the convenience store closed and they renovated that building I think Shorty was forced out. Please tell me they are still around.

        1. re: LGood

          Shorty's is north on Falls from their old location. Heading north on Falls, once you pass Padonia Road, it will be on the left in the little valley there.

      2. Thanks, but sorry, icecreamguy, unless they moved locations (or had a second location), I know that it's not Shorty's. I am exact and certain of the location. I live less than five minutes away and I regularly climb at Earth Treks climbing gym which is right there (though it opened up much later after the mysterious pit beef place left).

        I'm really really excited about what you have to say divaflirt. On that note, you've also got me thinking something I wish I had thought of earlier. I should go an ask the other local pit beef stands and stops around the area if they know anything. Sure, some of them might not be helpful (or want to be helpful considering I'm looking for a competitor), but who knows? I might get a snag. Maybe I'll head to Shorty's tomorrow regardless. I could use some pit beef.

        But thanks for your responses, I was honestly expecting just cricket chirping to this.

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        1. re: Wangus

          Divaflirt's thinking of Charcoal Pit too, which predated those mobile home guys.

          1. re: chowsearch

            Well darn, looks like it might be onto plan b. I'll have to at least buy a small pit beef at each place when I ask so that they might look upon me favorably.

            Any of you know which of the area's places are really really old?

        2. Wasn't there a Pit Beef stand out there called Smokeys?

          here is a list of a few:

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          1. re: hon

            Smokey's used to be on Beaver Dam Road in Hunt Valley where the television network HQ is today. They moved to Cockeysville Road several years ago and closed about two years ago.

          2. I remember the place. Like you said, a trailer home or camping trailer type thing, parked in a parking lot a few doors north of where Opfer's Auction house used to be.

            I've been trying to remember the name, but I'm drawing a blank.

            Good luck!