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Feb 13, 2008 08:53 AM

Paperfish or Papertiger?

Has anyone had a good experience at Paperfish? A group of us recently went and we were all under whelmed. The service was spotty and they were out of many things...which we weren't told till long after we ordered them. Food was ok but nothing to rush back for. Appetizers were better than the entrees. The design is really dated and can't see it holding up after a year. Felt like we were eating in Virgin Airlines airport lounge. Would love to hear of other experiences. Thanks.

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  1. I like Paperfish, the chef, Yanni, is very accommodating. I went one day for lunch and asked if they ever have Totten Virginica oysters and he said they would get some for me when ever I wanted. So I said tomorrow is good. Sure enough he had them for me the next day. I also, ahead of time, asked him for a rotisseried whole fish. I went with my father for lunch the next day and he had a whole Loup De Mer rotisseried for me. The preparation was simple seasoning and brushed with olive oil. It was outstanding. Give the place another shot and if there is a fish you want prepared differently ie less sauce, grilled etc. just ask they will do it. The chef is after Greek and they know how to prepare fish.

    1. I just ate there last night and had a great experience. I am not a fan of the decor, but the food was excellent. Chef Yanni is also a very friendly guy and like Trojans said, he is very accomodating. He told us that if we had a favorite fish or shellfish he would try to get it for us if we call him in advance. I think this place is a great addition to the BH dining scene and highly recommend it.

      1. We ate there last night and thought the main course Red Snapper and Skate were very good. The appetizer Crab Cake and Black Cod on Rice Cake was good as well. The desserts were interesting in concept but not very good. The portions are small. The most disappointing aspect was the service. The wait staff seemed completely overwhelmed by the most basic of tasks (getting a glass of ice, bringing bread, bringing all the entrees out at the same time) Half our dishes were cold. The staff obsessed on the unimportant details (napkin folding and escorting us to the bathrooms) while overlooking the primary aspects of good service - namely being attentive to our order and to us. Very disappointing considering the quality of the other Patina restaurants.