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Feb 13, 2008 08:44 AM

Please Help! Pre- San Diego Symphony Restaurant Recs

I will be attending the San Diego Symphony next month and would love some input as to where to eat dinner prior to the show. As part of a package we purchased from the Symphony, there are a few places where we can eat a pre-show prix fixe meal. Please let me know which of the following options would be our best bet. As of now, I'm leaning towards Chive, Terra, or Grant Grill, but thats based solely on their websites and you never know with that.

Renditions at Sheraton Suites
Soleluna Café
Terra Restaurant
Le Cake Chateau
Grant Grill
Georges on fifth

Thank you!!!

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  1. Of all those restaurant I would pick Terra.

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      Thanks for your help. Too bad no one else had anything constructive to say!

      1. re: LizzyJoy

        Hi LizzyJoy..
        I love the Grant Grill..
        Also, Dobsons is lovely too..not as fancy but very good food.
        The Ivy Hotel is another option.

        1. re: Beach Chick


          I like the Grant Grill.

          But I am curious, can you tell me more about this package you bought from the Symphony?

          Does the package include the price of dinner? Where are your seats?

          I realize this goes beyond the realm of what Chowhound is really about but I am curious to know about this package deal because it sounds interesting.


          1. re: Ewilensky

            You know... Im not exactly sure, as I am not the one that purchased it, but from what I understand, it includes: 2 tickets for 4 seperate shows from this spring season. It also includes discounted prix fixe meals at the aforementioned restaurants before the show.

            I think what happened was... my friend was contacted by the symphony ticket office to see if he was interested in purchasing this package after he attended one weekend. Perhaps it is something they do frequently, or maybe it was just a one time promotion... I am not sure. But I would definitely contact their ticket office to find out!

            Hope that helps :)

        2. re: LizzyJoy

          That's funny, I thought I responded to this - maybe it was deleted. I think your instincts are correct as far as leaning toward Terra, Chive or the Grant. The Grant is close and though I haven't been there, it's gotten good reviews recently. I also really like Dobsons - just around the corner.

          Terra is in Hillcrest, a couple of miles North of downtown. The Better Half in Hillcrest is also getting rave reviews lately, so might be something to consider. Bite in Hillcrest is also very good.

          Modus in Bankers Hill isn't too far from the Symphony venue, and Chive is very good. A new place opened up on that end of town called Jade Kitchen, so you might want to look into that.

          I think Cake Chateau is more of a deli/bakery, and though it's close, I probably wouldn't recommend the Sheraton's restaurant - it's getting a little dated these days. Don't know much about the others you've mentioned. Hope you enjoy!

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              Oh well, maybe I dreamed it - sometimes I start one and run out of time and forget to come back. Anyway, there it is! :-)

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              I missed at first that this is a package and those are the only places you can go - if that is in fact that case, I'd go to Chive or the Grant Grill, hands down. Let us know what you ultimately decide and how it is!

        3. Cafe Chloe is in the Area of the symphony. Reserve early to get a table that will serve your group. They have a French flair and a good wine list.

          Cafe chloe
          San Diego

          1. Soleluna Cafe doesn't have a big menu and it's pricey for a place that used to be a coffee shop. Le Cake Chateau does pastries, desserts and sandwiches.

            I agree with the person who recommended Cafe Chloe.