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Best sandwich at the Reading Terminal?

What's the best sandwich you've had at the Reading Terminal Market? I've tried a bunch - and you can't go wrong with a Dinic's Roast Pork - but every time I'm in the mood for a sandwich, I always get the Chicken a la Rocco from Carmine's (across from Rick's steaks). Just a great chicken sandwich with sharp provolone cheese and a dijonnaise type sauce. Any thoughts?

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  1. Haven't tried the chicken at Carmines. Probably because the roast pork is so good from DiNic's and I'd miss it too much. They do have great greasy grilled cheese, tomato, and bacon sandwiches at the Dutch Eating place but I have passed on them lately for more healthier fare.

    1. I also have not tried the chicken at Carmine's and usually go for the roast pork, however I know folks who swear by Original Turkey's sandwiched and I occassionally get sandwiches from Mezze - veggies, Veggies and cheeses, tuna niciose (sp) are all good.

      1. I've had the Dinic's roast pork once recently because of all the good pub it gets here. It was good. No more, IMHO.
        I do like the hoagies at Salumeria, although they're not traditional hoagies so purists might balk.
        Otherwise, I have to say my best meals at RTM havne't been sandwiches.

        1. i know its simple...but Carmines soft roll with Hot Sorpresatte (spelling) and lettuce tomato, sharp prov and balsamic with hot long italian pepers is so good

          1. I'm partial to the Italian hoagie at Sulameria (sp?)

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              So many favorites.... I would have to go with Salumeria, these days. The Italian Hoagie is excellent and once in a blue moon they have a caprese salad that they'll make a veggie hoagie with. Delicious!!

              Runner up: DiNics Pork, DiNics Brisket, Amish Rib Sandwich

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                oooh. I've never thought to ask but I'm now on the lookout for Caprese at Salumeria. I always get their cheese sandwich with lots of yummy veggies, but my husband loves their Italian.

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                  This may be too late, but they had the Caprese Salad today. Delicious!!!!

            2. I just went to DiNic's and Original Turkey on back to back days. I've always loved the roast pork w/sharp provolone and garlicky rabe, and you can't go wrong with it, but a day later I got the Turkey Reuben @ OT, and it just plain rocked the house. A shmear of Russian dressing and some slaw topping a pile of that great roasted turkey breast, plus a couple slices of Swiss. Had it on wheat and they pop it on the sandwich press until its beautiful. Melts in your mouth. Great sandwich.

              1. Hershel's makes a pretty good Cornbeef Special.

                1. Nobody's mentioned the Rib Meat sandwich from the Amish rib stand in the 12th/Arch corner. Savory! Other favorites include:

                  Hoagies from Carmine's (what ever your preference- prosciutto, sopresata, Genoa salami... I just wish they had hot cherry peppers instead of only roasted hots and banana peppers).

                  Pulled Pork from DiNics (the reddish chunky stuff off the cutting board- not the whitish sliced stuff sitting in the broth).

                  Corned Beef anything from Herschel's.

                  Mezze's sandwiches look good, but I've been disappointed too many times at similar places by sandwich combos that look good ingredient-wise, but come out bland or with tough bread (from sitting in a cold case). I should give them a shot though (any recommendations on best Mezze sandwiches appreciated) .

                  One place that I've been really wondering about is Spataro's (next to DiNic's). What's so great about this place? They don't seem to have any popular or signature sandwiches- just plain old Americana like ham and cheese (ingredients don't look like anything special either). But they always seem to have a huge line at lunchtime.... maybe it's just overflow of people who don't have time to wait at other stands? Anyone know the deal with Spataro's?

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                    Spataro's could be popular because of the location...never been there myself though (how could I with DiNic's across the aisle?)

                    As far as Mezze, I can vouch for the fact that they have pretty decent bruschetta they serve up for lunch but I'd be wary of some of the things in the case, as like in many prepared food places, some of the items look like they've been sitting out too long.

                    Also for what it's worth, the gyros are pretty good at Olympic in the market and the soft shell sandwiches from the seafood place in front of the beer garden are not bad.

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                      I have actually been pleasantly surprised with the sandwiches from Mezze. The only thing is I always ask for is additional condiment, because they don't put much on since the sandwiches do sit. That said, I do get there by noon most days. I also bring them back for my office staff at times and they re-order them! Most often we have had the tuna niciose (sp?), the falafel (which use to be better), the veggie sandwiches (several varieties)

                  2. It's been years since I've been (probably 13), but I have incredible memories of the hoagies at Salumeria, if it's still there. Seriously the best I've had. Always finished off with a Fischer's pretzel.

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                      Back in the '60s, Bassett's served lunch. They had a chopped sirloin on a buttered hunk of French bread. Absolutely delicious. Does anybody know when they stopped serving food?

                    2. Just got back from a day of jury duty and hit Carmines for the Chicken alla Rocco. Very good, I would get the it with the roasted hots next time, just got distratced this time chatting up food with a lady and her daughters who were in from Wisconsin.

                      A bus load of teenagers had just arrived when I got there, and they all lined up at Rick's for the cheesesteaks, that long line help make up my mind to try Carmines and I am glad I did!

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                        Sometimes the chicken can be a little tough for the Chicken Alla Rocco at Carmines (especially when the amish farmers markets aren't open and the terminal is less busy). Also, I always order extra sauce for the sandwich, otherwise, it gets a little dry. But with the sauce and when the chicken is nice and moist, the sandwich is fantastic.

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                          Thanks for the tip, I will go with extra sauce next time and try and remember the roasted long hots, cause they looked pretty darn tasty.

                      2. I went to Reading Terminal Market on Monday for the first time. I got the DiNic's Roast pork sandwich (w/prov and broc) per this boards suggestion. I was disappointed. The sandwich was very bland. I'll have to try the other suggestions next time.