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Feb 13, 2008 08:39 AM

Best sandwich at the Reading Terminal?

What's the best sandwich you've had at the Reading Terminal Market? I've tried a bunch - and you can't go wrong with a Dinic's Roast Pork - but every time I'm in the mood for a sandwich, I always get the Chicken a la Rocco from Carmine's (across from Rick's steaks). Just a great chicken sandwich with sharp provolone cheese and a dijonnaise type sauce. Any thoughts?

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  1. Haven't tried the chicken at Carmines. Probably because the roast pork is so good from DiNic's and I'd miss it too much. They do have great greasy grilled cheese, tomato, and bacon sandwiches at the Dutch Eating place but I have passed on them lately for more healthier fare.

    1. I also have not tried the chicken at Carmine's and usually go for the roast pork, however I know folks who swear by Original Turkey's sandwiched and I occassionally get sandwiches from Mezze - veggies, Veggies and cheeses, tuna niciose (sp) are all good.

      1. I've had the Dinic's roast pork once recently because of all the good pub it gets here. It was good. No more, IMHO.
        I do like the hoagies at Salumeria, although they're not traditional hoagies so purists might balk.
        Otherwise, I have to say my best meals at RTM havne't been sandwiches.

        1. i know its simple...but Carmines soft roll with Hot Sorpresatte (spelling) and lettuce tomato, sharp prov and balsamic with hot long italian pepers is so good

          1. I'm partial to the Italian hoagie at Sulameria (sp?)

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              So many favorites.... I would have to go with Salumeria, these days. The Italian Hoagie is excellent and once in a blue moon they have a caprese salad that they'll make a veggie hoagie with. Delicious!!

              Runner up: DiNics Pork, DiNics Brisket, Amish Rib Sandwich

              1. re: jessicheese

                oooh. I've never thought to ask but I'm now on the lookout for Caprese at Salumeria. I always get their cheese sandwich with lots of yummy veggies, but my husband loves their Italian.

                1. re: hollyd

                  This may be too late, but they had the Caprese Salad today. Delicious!!!!