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Dec 12, 2001 07:55 PM

Palm Springs

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My partner and I have been to Palm Springs several times and quite honestly always been disappointed with the restaurants, with the exception of a very good little Taco place on Ramon and Sunrise.

We have eaten at the Kaiser Grille (one of the worst dining experiences of my life), Shame on the Moon (the best dinner I have had in P.S.), and several great deli meals at the Gaiety (before it closed) as well as a host of other restaurants, and quite honestly never felt we were having a really great meal.

We are 2 people who like to eat and are willing to try just about any place from a whole in the wall to Jacket and Tie required we just want to have good food.

Any suggestions?

Thank you in advance.


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    Rochelle McCune

    OK - Maybe this is really obvious but whenever we go to PS, we go to the champagne brunch at the Ritz. It has a great view, its all you can eat & drink, the food is fresh and quite decent, they let you take your time, and its not god-awful expensive. Here in San Francisco, the Ritz and same caliber places are about $20-$30 more than the one in PS so it seems like a real treat.

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      For Breakfast: Don & Sweet Sue's (Gay owned and operated). Ramon and Date Palm in Cathedral City.

      Dinner: Tony's Pasta Mia on Palm Canyon (nice, sort of romantic and they are offering half off early bird dinners).

      For old school Italian (and lots of Sinatra Photos):
      Liveri's Italian Restaurant
      350 South Indian Canyon Drive

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        torta basilica

        It's not the Ritz-Carlton anymore - just bought by Rosewood, which is wonderful, but not so big on the West Coast.

        Our favorites -

        for incredible romance - Le Valluris
        Whitefish is still incredible, beautiful (overpriced of course) wine list, excellent service - had a pear & rocqefurt/hazelnut salad there last month-ahhh!

        for more excitement, I still love St. James - ask for table in back room off of wine cellar. I had the Thai Lobster - one of best meals I have ever had. Hubby had the seafood something or another pasta & it was not nearly as exciting. Excellent wine list here, plus they don't turn up their noses when you order the Beringer Alluvium - once of the least expensive, yet best wines paired with their food. Charming service & great atmosphere.

        I know these are old tried & true, but have never been dissappointed. Oh, also really enjoy sitting on the patio at La Quinta Grill (in the town, not the hotel). Nice menu & relaxing surroundings.

      2. Gotta go with Morton's in Palm Desert. Every Morton's I have ever been to has had consistently outstanding steaks. And great service.

        -A Steak Lover

        1. at the risk of being redundant, if you at all like mexican food, run don't walk to el mirasol on palm canyon "at the curve" where south palm canyon intersects it. based on diana kennedy's classic recipes, this place is a modest storefront with outdoor tables, but the food is first class. sauces, sauces, sauces....tomatillo, mole, pipian....carnitas, carne asada, roja,'s all first rate.
          if you want atmosphere and want to pay for it, go to riccio's on north palm canyon. great northern italian.
          and for the best coffee shop food, rick's on north palm canyon, too. my partner and i have a home in p.s. and these are our regular spots. good luck