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Feb 13, 2008 08:31 AM

Digestif, Scottsdale

Has anyone tried Digestif in Scottsdale yet.
It's supposed to be a rustic Italian place, and I'm curious to know how the food is.

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  1. Haven't been yet, but am planning to try. Will report back

    1. My DH and I took a cooking class last Thursday night (the night before Digestif was to open) taught by Tracy Dempsey. We were going to try it last weekend but she was telling us about how one stove wasn't working, the pastry fridge either didn't work or hadn't been delivered (can't recall which), and various other things that, to their credit, I am sure happens w/ new restaurants. Anyway, we decided to wait a month till they work out their kinks. Tracy did say she thinks the meatballs are the best things on the menu.

      1. The vibe of the room worked for me and with Pavle running the front and Peyton in the back then good things should follow. I do not think that they are shooting for rustic Italian, more a Cali-talian ingredient driven cuisine. I thought the "Farm to Table" dish may be the best veggie dish in town and that comes from a meat-eater. I also tried the knife and fork bruschetta with burrata, PLT (house made cured pancetta and house-made ketchup with the frites was great), olive fans should try the marinated olives, scallop dish, a couple pastas...I will be back to check some more things out.

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          100% fantastic. I haven't been this excited about a new place in a long time. The PLT that Molto E references is FANTASTIC.

          Also had a little warm soup of cauliflour puree with a tiny morsel of sweetbreads (fried) that was heavenly, all pastas are house-made - I tried 2, and literally every single thing I tried was fantastic.

          Didn't try, but heard the meatballs can make you cry they are so good. :)

          I'll be back again and again...

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            he has a nice touch with the sweetbreads...

        2. The original comment has been removed
          1. Meatballs at Digestif were good but definitely not in the "make you cry they are so good" way. Two large, tender meatballs each on it's on crunchy crostini for $9 - not a bad value. I would definitely order that again, possibly even as my main with a salad starter. The chicken and dumplings dish ($14) was pretty flavorless, a little too simple. The short rib canneloni ($15) was excellent. There were three other pasta options including a spinach ravioli with butternut squash. Pasta portions are on the smaller side. Sliced classic baguette is from Simply Bread, such good stuff. We tried the tiramisu cheesecake which sounded interesting but neither my husband nor I were fans. The olive oil and vanilla cake was good. It came with mixed fresh berries covered in fresh whipped cream with a scoop of what I think was roseberry sherbet.

            Staff wore rock tshirts which gave the place a relaxed, young vibe. Loved the red brick walls and dim lighting, great atmo. Service was very impressive, you'd never guess they'd only been open a week. Waters were filled by both our server and anyone else who passed by and noticed we were running low, same with our wine glasses. Plates were promptly cleared, crumbs were brushed away, etc. The manager, dressed in a suit and tie, thanked us by name (we had a reservation) on our way out. We felt very well taken care of.

            Overall, I really enjoyed the experience but maybe wasn't as high on the food as a few of the previous posters. The items we had were good, just not amazing. The menu will change frequently to stay true to the farm-to-table concept so it should be an exciting option, especially for pasta lovers.

          2. Is this part of the Southbridge development?

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              Yes, it is one of the Peter Kasperski (Cowboy Ciao, Sea Saw, etc.) ventures at Southbridge, which requires a clause in all leases that restaurants/shops be independent/one-off ventures. Chefs must be in Arizona and if they have another restaurant somewhere else, the one at Southbridge must be a totally different concept.

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                Yes, it's a part of the Southbridge development, right next door to FOODBAR.

                It's the latest from Peter Kasperski, and Mexican Standoff and Shell Shock should be coming soon too!