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Dec 12, 2001 05:31 PM

JAR Restaurant

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Office is having the Christmas Party here anyone know of this place ???

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  1. Good choice. A relatively new steakhouse owned by Mark Peel of Campanile and, I believe, Suzanne Tracht (formerly of Jozu). I ate there once and everything was delicious.

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      barry glassner

      Jar is one of my favorite newish restaurants in L.A. It is not inexpensive but is a bargain compared to Mark Peel's other famous eatery! I particularly recommend the braises and roasts. The rich, deeply flavorful pot roast is even better than the best that somebody's talented grandma used to make (in their memory, that is). The braised lamb shank is also excellent-- "melt in your mouth" barely describes the perfection. On the other hand, skip the fish.

      1. re: barry glassner

        Au contraire, as much as I'd hoped to love JAR, I was disappointed in my first visit. My rib-eye steak, ordered 'rare-to-medium-rare' was purple. After several minutes of chasing the rubbery thing around the plate, I said, 'yes, it's a bit too rare' and the waiter took it away apologetically.

        For a long time. A very long time. While everyone else chewed awkwardly, I waited, craning my neck to find my waiter for an update. Eventually, I was on the verge of walking into the kitchen when a different waiter appeared with the same steak, re-cooked. Which, if you've never noticed, changes the texture and the taste. Though it might have been the extra 5-10 minutes under the lights. I left most of it over, which made my dogs happy anyway.

        A further note - during the long wait, I used the Men's Room and, on the way back, overheard a customer arguing angrily with his waiter over exactly the same thing -- too rare, then too cooked.

        That was a few couple of months ago, back when it had just opened. Maybe their act is more together now...

    2. m
      Michael Robertson Moore

      Any positions available in your office?

      1. Terrific fried clams.