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Feb 13, 2008 08:08 AM

Need slider sized rolls or buns for a party in dallas

I'm having a cocktail party and plan on serving bbq brisket...but I want the sammies small...where can I get good half dollar sized buns in Big D?

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  1. You don't necessarily have to go the fancy bakery-roll route here. The Porch serves great BBQ brisket sliders, and my understanding is that they put the meat on King's Hawaiian rolls, which you can buy at Tom Thumb. In a pinch, I've also used plain old Sara Lee dinner rolls to make sammies for a cocktail buffet. Just be sure you have a good, finely serrated bread knife on hand, to slice each roll horizontally.

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      I just had some on those rolls and they are good. I'll check with my local stores too. Good suggestions all. Thanks. There is also a bakery in Fort Worth. The Blue Bonnet Bakery and they make regular, small and what they call midget...those might work too

    2. Might call your local Krystal to see where they get their buns. Hopefully they don't get them all the way from Tennessee. If they won't tell you might try a Mrs. Bairds Bakery Outlet store to see if they carry them.

      1. Take a round cookie cutter and cut them from regular buns.

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          We recently served meatball sliders for our Superbowl party and used yeast rolls that we found at Kroger's. They might be a little larger than ideal but the overall effect was there.

        2. I had burger sliders at Logans Roadhouse on their very good rolls. I bet you could buy some from them.

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          1. I get them all of the time at Whole Foods, and make slider BBQ sandwiches, just like those that are served at The Porch....

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              Stein's Bakery in Preston Valley Shopping Center (SW corner of LBJ and Preston Rd intersection) always has both round and square mini rolls.

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                  I use the dinner rolls from Central Market bakery. Have you had your party yet?