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Feb 13, 2008 08:02 AM

Restaurants near Sheraton Centre?

I just found out an old friend will be in town over the next few days for a conference & would like to have dinner tomorrow night. She's staying at the Sheraton Centre, & as I work downtown, I'll meet her there after work before catching a train home later -- so I'd like to take her somewhere not too far of a walk away, not too expensive. And of course, it's Valentine's Day tomorrow (!), which may complicate matters. Any suggestions?

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  1. Valentine's Day will indeed complicate matters. Options near the Sheraton include Vertical (First Canadian Place), Reds (Exchange Tower), The Keg (York and Adelaide), Queen Mother (Queen and Duncan), Trimurti (same, south side of Queen)...

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      I was going to suggest Vertical too - ate there recently and loved the food (and service and wine).