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Dec 12, 2001 05:15 PM

New to Beverly Hills

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Just landed a job here in Beverly Hills, looking for a fast, yet reasonable place to lunch, any ideas ?

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  1. I have been officed in B.H. for way too long! So, I am so bored with it's fare.

    Nonetheless, there is some decent chow to be had. Here goes:

    First, Walter's Coffee Shop on Canon Drive. It's well known for it's tuna sandwich (bfd!), but it's cheap and has nice tables on the street for whatever else you might order. Good value, at least.

    Petra, on S. Beverly Drive, is a veritable chow site. Try the shwarma sandwich w/ salad for something like $8. This is truly excellent.

    Also on Canon is 345 Mulberry Street. If you like thick pizza with pretty decent toppings,(very informal), check it out.

    The best deal in the entire city (L.A. included) is the "at the bar menu" at McCormick's at 2 Rodeo. They offer $1.95 burgers and Bud Lites, as well as a couple of other items at this super bargain price.

    Sai, on Camden, has pretty decent Japanese cuisine. But it's hardly special for sushi.

    The El Torito Grill, on the corner of Camden and Wilshire, has a lovely patio (it's part of the El Torito Chain, but gone off on a bad tangent to the southwest). Nonetheless, their tortilla soup is quite pleasant, as are their salads. Forget everything else.

    The staff at the Brighton Coffee Shop is Mexican and they do fairly decent fare. Their huevos rancheros are quite good.

    I'm blanking out about the name of the Italian place directly across from them, but their pizzas are excellent! Very thin crust that's close to perfect. Share one with a friend, but forget everything else.

    Il Fornaio, on Beverly at Dayton, is popular, but also bland for most items. Good take-out sandwiches, however. And, they serve the best espresso in the entire county, so long as you make sure that it's "corto."

    On the high end, you have The Farm, La Scala and Il Pastaio. I need not comment about them, since there are plenty of reviews for you to consider.

    Another site on Canon, is Porta Via, very good value with lots of daily specials. A worthy place to visit.

    Bottom line, check out Petra, then stroll around the others until you get bored.

    When you do, get in your car and check out some of the not too distant Thai places, like Cafe Talesai on Olympic, and Tuk Tuk on Pico.

    Welcome to B.H.!