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MSP - Naked Sushi at Temple

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Anyone feel like eating sushi off a naked person? I'm not a big sushi fan as it is...But Thom Pham is having a night of naked sushi at Temple


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  1. And it is cheap. $75 for drinks and sushi served on a naked body. Sounds like a deal.

    Anyone know what the health department thinks of this sort of thing?

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    1. like, oh. my. god.

      that's like, totally, like 1987, NYC!!!!

      like, will there be big, like, coke mirrors on all the tables, too?

      gag me with a spoon. . .

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      1. re: soupkitten

        I had the same reaction (well, except I was 10 in 1987 so I was thinking of how they've done this on a bunch of stupid reality shows). People are going to go, so in that way it's successful, but it just seems too forced and silly.

        1. re: katebauer

          yeah, i was 12 in 1987 so i'm kinda talking out of ye olde reare--

          but it sure is a far-from original idea and one that's pretty disgusting to me after talking with some chefs who've had to arrange highly perishable foods on naked human bodies.

          eat fast is all i have to say, because that hot naked model will smell like. . . *lots* of body-temperature raw fish very quickly. gack.

          i haven't been a fan of thom pham for quite a while now, although i used to think that maybe i needed to get over it. i think a restaurant owner should pay more attention to his ingredients & menu than his wardrobe. this naked sushi thing seems to tip the scales back to ol' thom being an unoriginal, style vs. substance restaurateur. i so agree with you, Kate: forced & silly. i think it's lame, nuff said.