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Feb 13, 2008 07:46 AM

Quebec City restaurant recommendation please

My wife and I will be in Quebec City in a few weeks, any recommendations for fine dining, as well as a casual suggestion?

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  1. Despite several contrary reviews I believe Laurie-Raphael is excellent. I've dined there 4 times in the past year and each time has been exceptional. Also, Pinache, located in the Auberge St Antoine and L'Iniatile are consistently exceptional if expensive.
    For bistro dining I like Cafe Du Monde but after 14 years of patronage I am friends with several of the senior waitstaff and enjoy sitting at the bar overlookinjg the St Lawrence.
    All of these so far are located in the old port within a 4-block area.
    In St Roch, a section of the lower town undergoing gentrification, there is Cafe du Clocher Panche (spelling?) located on St Joseph Est.This is a moderately priced but excellent restaurant mentioned several times in recent entries on this site.

    Enjoy Quebec

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      For fine dining, I strongly recommend Utopie.

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        The contrary reviews (if you are referring to the ones on this board) are for the Montreal outpost of Laurie Raphael - Not the Quebec city flagship restaurant.

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          thanks for clarifying, did you enjoy the Quebec City LR?

      2. I recommend L'Utopie too. I was never disapointed. The chef Stephane is a magician! The place is perfect for a couple. Great choice of wine. It is the place for a perfect and a wonderful gastronomic dinner!

        1. About 3 years ago we spent a memorable week in Quebec City -- memorable because of the meals we had at Toast. It is an unassuming spot in a hotel, but the food was surprising, complex and delicious. It completely affected our cooking, and we actually wound up asking the restaurant for the menu so that we could try to replicate the wonderful tastes. In a week, we ate there 3 times, and should have eaten there every night!

          1. My wife and I had some exceptional dinners when we visited Quebec City last May. The fine dining experience at Restaurant Initiale was on par with any we had in the U.S., with stellar service, a spot-on accurate Sommelier and lovelingly crafted (if somewhat safe) dishes. We also had a fantastic seafood experience at Le Marie-Clarisse, which is at the foot of the stairs linking the top of the city to the bottom. For a fun night out, try l'Echaude - also in "Basse-ville" by the row of shops and boutiques, whose atmosphere and menu evoke the feel of a Paris bistro. Of the three I mentioned, the most satisfying meal we had was at Marie-Clarisse, where the chef/proprietor really knows his seafood.

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              I second Le Marie Clarisse. It is a cozy little restaurant, not full of tourists, and both times I've eaten there, we had wonderful service and excellent seafood. Very memorable experience.

            2. I don't know if you saw this other recent thread: