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Feb 13, 2008 07:40 AM

A&S Deli in Fairfield - Italian combo, what else?

Heading to the A&S Deli later. Aside from what I understand are awesome Italian combo sandwiches, anything else I shouldn't miss?

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  1. may be too late for your lunch, but everything at A&S is great. In particular, I like their fresh roast beef and their chicken parm grinders.

    1. oh -and if Italian combos are your thing, you may also want to try "the godfather" from Fortunas in Westport.

      1. The fried eggplant cutlets.... forget the sandwich, just get them plain.

        1. although a little pricey, their sausage is very good. jfood goes to the norwalk and stm locations.

          1. I go to the Yonkers and Norwalk locations...I can tell you the butchers are pretty knowledgeable, I go there for veal, prosciutto, pancetta, cheeses etc.
            They also do catering, their fresh pastas, and especially the grilled veggies are awesome. My family buys trays for catering often.

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              I live in Norwalk, and I've never heard of this place. Where is it?

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                route 123 south of the merritt in the same strip mall as Liz Sue. very good stuff. There is another in STM on High Ridge across from Borders

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                  I dunno, I tried them a few times, tried to like 'em. Really WANTED to like 'em, since the stuff was so fresh-looking. I just find them to be

                  For a great chicken parm, italian combos, and other wonderful foods like chicken curry salad, tuna melts, and great homemade soups, try Tony's Deli in New Canaan on Pine Street, near the train station. Really good stuff.

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                    You are the first person to say something about Tony's. Jfood stopped in to take a look the other day and it looked good but did not buy.

                    Is it really good? How does it compare to Rosies?

                    1. re: jfood

                      Hi there. Really? That surprises me because they are always really busy. I don't think I can compare it to Rosie's because they are not really in the same genre and they cater to two different clientele. Rosie's is more of a "fru-fru", good things come to those who wait and wait and wait, gourmet food deli. Tony's is more of a quick-service, traditional Italian deli. Both are good. When I want challah french toast, or have an hour to kill, or am in a financial state where I do not catch hell for spending $10 on a breakfast burrito, I go to Rosie's. When I just want an Italian Combo or a Chicken Parm and don't have time to wait, I go to Tony's. Plus the guys there are really nice, they let me in one day about 10 mins after closing and got me what I needed.

                      1. re: CTburgerlover

                        okeedokee, gotta place on the must-try list. italian combos and a good chicken parm is hard to come by in NC