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Feb 13, 2008 07:34 AM

Lounge to enjoy 20-30 friends?

I'm thinking of the Bristol Lounge in the Four Seasons to have a 30th birthday gathering with friends. I'd like to not wait in long lines like at the new hot spot Beehive, or have to pay a really high bottle service fee in order to grab a few tables. I'd really appreciate other suggestions too.

For dinner we are going to Petit Robert because I wasn't able to afford a weekend in Paris for my birthday. Thanks in advance for your suggestions!

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  1. We took the upstairs balcony room at globe for a cocktail party a couple of weeks ago had great time good drinks very nice staff.

    1. I like the lounge at OM and as well as Noir in the Charles Hotel but not sure if they will be big enough for 20-30. Middlesex is fun to as well as 28 Degrees in the South End.

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      1. re: mr mangia

        Thanks for the HS suggestions, but I'd like to stay closer to the final destination. Although, as we will probably park near the common then take the T to Kenmore Sq. getting to Harvard Square isn't that much more of a challenge- it just requires changing trains.

        1. re: ts44

          Foundation Lounge in Kenmore would be close by or Match on Mass Ave but that is not my fave spot.

          1. re: mr mangia

            LIR Is a little closer to kenmore allways a fun place same owner as globe maybe a little more of a bar.

            1. re: mr mangia

              I would second Foundation Lounge, I celebrated a 30th birthday there recently and we had a great time. I believe the host reserved a few tables for $$$, but I think a group of people could easily overtake a space without a reservation.