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Feb 13, 2008 07:19 AM

[Manchester] Little Yang Sing - lunch review

My visits to the city centre are rare and daytime ones rarer still. As today, I’m normally researching something or other at Central Library. Chinatown is just across the road and is my area to find lunch. I don’t have a particular daytime favourite but more often than not find myself having the six quid lunch at the Great Wall. There are several £5 or £6 lunch places which means you can easily avoid the two vile similarly priced buffets!

Today I fancied a change and went up-market for the £9.95 two course lunch at the little brother of the well known Yang Sing. There’s a no-choice starter of dim sum platter. What came was a steamed “moneybags” pork dumpling which was light instead of the often found wallpaper paste version; a prawn toast (good thick slice, lots of prawn, not greasy); a fritter topped with sweet chilli sauce (contents a bit indeterminate – probably chicken and water chestnut) and “seaweed”.

There was a choice of four or five mains including pork in sechuan sauce with veg. Nice crunchy veg. Sauce with a good whack of chilli. Good portion size. Nice dish.

The only thing I didn’t like is feeling corralled in by the serving staff. The various customers had been herded onto tables next to each other in the far corner of the restaurant. The staff then patrolled the perimeter of the herd, waiting to snatch a plate away as soon as it was finished. Or just hovered on the perimeter looking uneasy if there were no plates to deal with.


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  1. they always beer snatch when i eat at little yang sing although i have never tried lunch.

    my favourite lunch is bar burritto ( in piccadilly gardens; pork quesadillas with chipotle.

    second favourite is mai bai opposite the town hall but only if they will prepare the fish ramen with fresh mackerel and not little shrimps.

    i work next to the trafford centre so its mainly various permutations of fried slop and gloop (with the exception of the new bar burritto in the trafford centre)

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    1. re: pecandanish

      Carluccio's is a good addition to the TC - making a change from Tampopo which, IMO , was previously the only halfway decent place there. But then it is a mall after all.

    2. I quite like Little Yang Sing, but it's not as good as Red Chilli round the corner.

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      1. re: greedygirl

        I havnt been to Red Chilli yet. It'd be good if one of us who has could post a proper (separate) review

        1. re: Harters

          Go - it's great. I've been a couple of times now, and we're usually the only European people there. The service can be a bit brusque, but the food is great, especially if you go with their recommendations. I particularly liked my braised aubergines, and the hot pot is supposed to be fabulous.

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            The beijing dumplings at Red Chili are the only ones I've had in town that taste like proper chinese dumplings. They are absolutely addictive! I second the braised aubergines, and last time I was there we had an amazing one-pot spicy dish filled with all manner of fish and veg. I've only been 4-5 times but never had a bad meal.

            1. re: Yankunian

              the eel is great and the belly pork and cabbage is our favourite.