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Feb 13, 2008 07:14 AM

Lunch & Shopping in Montclair NJ

I am meeting a friend for lunch in Montclair. Neither of have ever been there but we hear it's a great town. Any suggestions for lunch? Looking for reasonably priced places where we could also get a glass of wine. A place that makes great and interesting salads would be perfect. Would love info on the layout of the town as well, i.e., is their a very walkable downtown area where we could get lunch and do some shopping without having to drive? Also, what kind of stores are in town? chic, artsy, ???

Thanks, guys!

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  1. Hi - please keep responses limited to suggestions for where this poster can find lunch.


    1. Montclair has a lot of great places to eat, but since I almost never have lunch there, I'll hold back from a specific recommendation. But about the wine part: most places are BYO, which I think is great. You can find a good bottle at Amanti, right in the center of town on Church St. Raymond's, a few doors down, might meet your criteria for lunch.