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Dec 12, 2001 03:07 PM

Great carnitas at Q Tortas in Placential

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I used to go to this fast food look-alike in high school and returned last weekend to find that the carnitas tacos are just as good as I remembered! The meat is flavorful and not too fatty and comes in two corn tortillas with some pico de gallo for 95 cents a piece. Q Tortas is located at 220 S. Bradford in Placentia, a few block off the 57's Chapman exit.

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  1. A few blocks away is El Farolito (201 S. Bradford), where I get my carnitas fix. It's a sit down restaurant, but for about $6-7 and unlimited chips and salsa, it's worth it. We go here very often, it's funny I've never seen the taco stand you're referring to.