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Feb 13, 2008 06:59 AM

First Trip To Boka

Hey everyone-

My wife and I are going to eat @ Boka on Saturday night for the first time with a big group. I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions...... dishes not to miss, etc.

Thanks for the help--Looking forward to the dinner!!

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  1. My wife and I have eaten at Boka a number of times in the last year and we have never had a bad bite of anything. Note that the Chicago Magazine singled out Boka's veal cheeks as being one of the best dishes in Chicago. Never having had them before I tried them along with others in my party and all I can say is that they were GREAT. Here is their website: . You can check out their menu in advance. Also, search "Boka" on this site and you will find different threads and my discussion of my first meal there. Also remember that this is the renewed Boka. The new chef and menu does not extend back to 2005 so early reviews are moot at this point. Enjoy! Don

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      huge fan of boke as well. I agree with the recommendation on the veal. Wifey also loves the butterfish.

    2. the menu has changed a bit since I was last there, but I highly recommend the mac and cheese with edamame. I know it sounds odd, but we brought our 6 year old sister with us when we last went as she was visiting with her parents, and she wanted it for dinner. We each had a bite, and it was so good we ordered two more for our table of 5 adults!
      My wife had the Bartlett pear salad, it was amazing. Actually, come to think of, all of the salads were great!
      Overall, one of our two most favorite upscale casual restaurants in the city!

      1. Went last night, right after steppenwolf, and was able to grab a 2-top without waiting, which was really nice. To start I had the polenta, which was nice and the GF had mixed greens with pears, which were over seasoned. Then I had the duck, and she had the salmon. The duck breast was cooked perfectly, and the confet was excellent. Her salmon was brilliantly done. We had a side of portobello's which were not worth 9 bucks...

        For desert, I had the white chocolate panna cotta and she had the macaroon. The panna cotta was nice, but it needed more white chocolate. It had curry thrown in there for heat, but I would think that mexican peppers would do a better job... that is just my take. I found out an interesting fact though, that the pastry chefs at boka and blackbird are married, which given that at blackbird last week I had curry sorbet, makes a lot of sense. the gf's macarron was amazing, and the entire desert was top notch. Better than what we had at Hot Chocolate, although HC is a great resturant, any way you slice it, and might have the best deserts in the city...