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Feb 13, 2008 06:52 AM

Thai House in Hyde Park

I was just looking at the Hudson Valley takeout website and came across Thai House's menu.

Does anybody know anything about this place? Thanks!

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  1. we got a flier in the mail about it last week (it's been "coming soon" since the summer, or maybe before?). will be trying it out within the next 2 weeks for takeout, and will post here when we do...

    1. We went there two Saturdays ago. The place was packed when we got there with people waiting in the small front bar area, which wasn't really functioning as a bar at the time, as they didn't have a liquor license yet.
      The food was decent, meaning nothing earth-shattering but the dishes we ordered were all tasty with appropriate seasonings. I think it's a good place to go if you crave for some Thai food and the price is fairly reasonable. The service was a bit slow but the waitress did apologize profusely. All in all, I'll definitely go back, especially since I live about three minutes away from there.....

      1. hi moose,
        i'm just curious...what did you order and what would you recommend? thanks!

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          We ordered calamari with sweet & sour sauce for appetizer. They did a good job with it; it was crispy and light. For my entree, I had chicken Panang curry, which is sweet & spicy curry with string beans, basil leaves and peppers. It was good with a hint of coconut but not overly sweet. My hubby had Tamarind duck which is a half crispy duck with ginger & vegetables with side of tamarind sauce. The tamarind sauce is quite spicy but very flavorful. Both entrees come with white rice.

          And in response to NewYorkDave's question, yes, I believe it was the old Frederick's building, and then for two years it was "Tropics" which never got to open. Glad now the space is occupied by a decent Thai restaurant.

        2. I'm just reeling from the news that Hyde Park now has a Thai restaurant! As someone who spent twenty long years in that town, I never would have predicted it.

          Looking at the address on Google maps, it seems they must've taken over the old "Frederick's" building, which had stood vacant for many years.

          I'm still in the Hudson Valley, so I'll have to check it out next time I'm in HP.

          1. we got takeaway from there and decided to go basic to see how things were: pad thai, pad siew, and spring rolls.

            good: it's clean, not greasy. and my wife thought the spring rolls were good.
            bad: neither dish - though not normally packed with tons of flavor - had much flavor.

            i thought the pad siew just had noodles, chicken, egg and (broccoli?) thrown into a wok and cooked; i couldn't taste any soy sauce, sugar, fish sauce, pepper, garlic or ginger, or other similar things which are included in variants on this dish.

            on the pad thai, there were peanuts, but it was rather non-descipt.

            we'll try some curry and i'll go for a pad khi mao (and tell them traditional thai spicy) to see how the place is on the other dishes. maybe they assumed from the order that it was dull american tastes? i hope not...but we'll give it another try with the other order.