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Feb 13, 2008 06:49 AM

Vancouver - Help me finish my itinerary please

We will be coming to Vancouver in mid April. First few nights will be in Kamloops visiting the brother-in-law. Could use a lunch rec on the way from the Vancouver airport to Kamloops.

We will then drive back to Vancouver for three nights. Staying at the Marriott Pinnacle if it matters.

Day 1: We will be driving back from Kamloops, so we might grab lunch along the way. Once again, could use a rec. Supper at Chambar.

Day 2: Second day we will visit Stanley Park and the aquarium, so we booked lunch at The Fish House. Supper will be at West as soon as I able to book it. I love this place and no visit to Vancouver would be complete without a stop here.

Day 3: Third day we are going to Granville Island so we will likely grab lunch somewhere there. Any favorite spots? Need a supper suggestion. I was thinking of Raincity Grill or Vij's. Which one would you choose to round out my plans? Would you pick something else?

I think there is a branch of Caffe Artigian near enough to the hotel, so I was thinking breakfast there. Any other good breakfast spots near the hotel?


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  1. artigiano is good for breakfast unless you want a full breakfast, if so the other artigiano on Hastings has a bigger menu and more brunch type items. there is also a good little crepe place up the hill on Jervis and robson across from the palisades hotel- I went all the time when i lived around the corner.

    go to Vij's if you can, get there well before 5:30 or else show up later in the evening after the first sitting. you could go to Rangoli for lunch (next to vij's, more casual menu, but equally as good since it's his food)

    parkside is always a good dinner option, or hit one of the izakaya places like Hapa or should try and fit in Salt for drinks and snacks. raincity is hit and miss, i've had good meals there but lots of people haven't

    1. I don't see a Chinese restaurant in your list. I like all your choices except the Fish House and Raincity Grill. Don't waste your time in either of those places.

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        We were planning on going to the aquarium in the AM, doing lunch, then doing Stanley Park by carriage in the afternoon. My wife will be 6 months pregnant, so doing a big walk through the park will be hard, plus the carriage sounds nice. I guess we could do lunch elsewhere and come back to the park. What do you like near the park?

        1. re: JonH

          for chinese i'd recommend kirin on alberni and bute.
          there is izakaya on denman, that's close to the park.

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            None of the izakaya will be open for lunch, though. Close to the park - walk up Denman street and see what you have the hankering for.

        2. re: fmed

          OTOH, I liked the Fish House. If it's a sunny day, there are few more beautiful settings. I actually think the food's good--not everything, of course, but overall I think it's just fine. It has a very nice wine list, lots of salads, and plenty of fish.

        3. If the weather is good, I'd suggest Go Fish! for your Granville Island lunch. It's just a 5 minute walk outside the GI area along the water.

          If you're keen on Raincity Grill, maybe that could be your lunch near Stanley Park, and then save that 3rd day dinner slot for something else, like an Izakaya

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            Although I have a soft spot for the Fish House (mmm, sablefish), I'd second or third the izakaya option for one of your dinners. So much fun and so tasty. Since we're in kits, we like Zakkushi for the cozy factor and the skewers and there is an outpost of it on Denman you could get to but I keep hearing raves for Kingyo on Denman. It seems like this kind of izakaya is becoming a bit of a Vancouver staple (or at least an enduring trend)...

          2. Revised Plans. What do you all think?

            Day 1 - lunch at Peaceful Noodles. supper at Pied a Terre
            Day 2 and Day 3 - off to Kamloops to visit the brother-in-law
            Day 4 - lunch at Sun Sui Wah. supper at Chambar
            Day 5 - lunch at Raincity Grill after trip to Stanley Park. supper at a couple of izakaya places - thinking Guu With Garlic and either Hapa and Kingyo
            Day 6 - lunch at Go Fish after Granville Island. supper at West

            I'm getting hungry just thinking about it! Thanks for all the suggestions.

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            1. re: JonH

              Looks good. Have fun and report back!

              1. re: JonH

                Outstanding list! Can I come with? ;-)

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                  I don't know much about izakaya or pregnacy, but izakaya is cooked, right? Not sashimi? Because was under the impression that pregnant women were supposed to steer away from raw fish.

                  1. re: miss_bennet

                    Izakaya cuisine gives you cooked options - eg robata (charcoal grilled), tempura, cooked noodles, soups, dishes cooked on hot rocks, dishes flamed with blowtorches...that sort of thing.

                  2. re: JonH

                    Had supper at Kingyo when I was in Vancouver visiting the little brother in Nov and absolutely loved it. I can't eat seafood and found there was no shortage of options for me. Brother and the friends we were with really enjoyed it as well. My brother speaks highly of Guu as well.