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Feb 13, 2008 06:47 AM

Dinner and drinks in UWS

I need some help...I am going to a show at the Beacon theater this Friday and I would love a recommendation for a cool place to get dinner and drinks afterwards...The show is at 8 so a place that is open late is a must..Any type of cuisine.. I love everything.. mainly looking for good ambiance and great food...This is what I don't want - snotty or super expensive, college-fratty-shitty fried food...My price range is probably 40-60pp.


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  1. Hmmm, UWS mid-week isn't a late dining part of town. Check bar/kitchen closing times for the following places: Compass, Ouest, Dovetail. For a lounge for drinks try Shalel, which will be open late.

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      Shalel Lounge is great for drinks--and you can easily make a meal of the Moroccan appetizers if you choose to go that route.

      Shalel Lounge
      65 W 70th St, New York, NY 10023

    2. i would do a search of the uws as there have been recent posts on the neighborhood. citrus might have a decent late night vibe. you could travel down a little towards lincoln center to check out pj clarke's.

      1. Try Nice Matin, Cafe Ronda, Bin 71or Wine and Roses. There aren't too many other options for late night dining other than the fried-food, diner type.

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          Calle Ocho, hands down...great drinks, creative Latin cuisine, lively atmosphere.

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            I second Calle Ocho - it's the first place that came to mind when reading this post.

            1. re: macncheesy

              Ouest is where I will be myself on Friday night before the opera.
              With all the positive recommendations on this board, that is the place I am looking forward to dining.
              (maybe I'll see you there???) LOL

        2. I really like Kefi, but not sure if it's open late enough for you.. it closes at 11pm. I posted the zagat review below.. fyi, I find it more intimate than cramped.

          Food Decor Service Cost
          23 16 17 $36
          Key to Ratings
          Formerly Onera, this “lively” UWS nook from Michael Psilakis scores well for “delicious, inventive” Greek food and wines at “value” prices; less popular are its “cramped” digs, “long waits”, “rushed service”, “no-rez” and “cash-only” policies, but the fact that most “keep coming back” speaks volumes.

          1. citrus is probably best bet if you want to be close...not sure what your definition of cool is, but food is decent and drinks are plentiful.